Thursday, March 10, 2011


Loreen Fernandes

VIRAR, MARCH 10, 2011: The newly-elected members of the Parish Pastoral Council of Resurrection Church, Virar (E), were formally inducted at the 8.00 am Eucharist, on Sunday, March 6 by Fr. Lawrence D’souza, the newly appointed Rector and Parish Priest, assisted by Fr. Blany Pinto.

Over the past three years, the parish team has rightly emphasized the pivotal role played by small Christian communities in creating leaders and sustaining a vibrant parish. We have thirteen communities and each community is further divided into clusters consisting of ten to fifteen families headed by a cluster leader. There are thirteen community leaders and thirty eight cluster leaders. There are a number of cells/associations actively functioning in the parish. Each cell has three leaders which form the executive committee. All this has given an opportunity to the parishioners to blossom as leaders and they are extremely grateful to the parish team.

During the month of January and February, elections were conducted for the posts of community leaders and cluster leaders. The result of the process mentioned above is a ready willingness on the part of many individuals to volunteer for leadership posts in the parish, a phenomenon not witnessed earlier.

As the newly-inducted Parish Pastoral Council members pledged to be servant-leaders, modeled on the example of Christ, we wish them tenure of fruitful service.

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