Friday, March 11, 2011


Idalina Samuel
BORIVLI, MARCH 11, 2011: Our Graduation ceremony was held at the Apostolic Convent, Bandra. With days and days of submission, assignments, projects, scrap book, log book, weekend courses, CTC Sundays, one week intensive training, we finally walked on stage to receive our certificates from Cardinal Oswald Gracias. The thought that struck me was that there was no other respect one could earn other than being qualified to witness to the faith to little children during the Sunday school. I experienced Christ’s Blessings in more ways than one during this entire period.

This course has not only made us humble human beings but has polished us in every aspect that we lacked, it made us strong to go on even if we are let down by friends. It taught us to be caring when others would not, it made us ignore things which are not within our means and it made us love God’s creation, our nature and our children simultaneously. It taught us to be committed in our love and action towards these children. It touched the core of our hearts, to refuse to respond to criticism and to care less of the obstacles in our way. It taught us, to place God first, rightly in all we do. The pro and cons are God’s alone, for the good of ourselves. It made us emerge as more powerful and reformed Catechists.

The three of us, Mrs. Delsie D’Silva, Ms. Geraldine Rodrigues and myself are grateful and ever thankful to God for all His blessing showered on us and our families. We are thankful to our family members who have supported us in a big way and encouraged us to give of our best in everything. To our Animators who stood as pillars of support when we thought we were not going to go on with our hectic schedule, we are deeply grateful.. Our Parish Priest Fr. Ronald Menezes, whose whole hearted support was extended in motivating us, and his valuable assistance with providing us the required books so as to save us from travelling all the way to our Diocesan Library. Thank you foremost for having the faith that we could do it, even when people thought it otherwise and finally for giving us the opportunity to experience CTC which is like a double feather to the formal education we have received and the experience of a life time, with Christ in our lives

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