Friday, March 18, 2011


ALIRAJPUR, MARCH 18, 2011: The Rectors' meeting, held on March 16, 2011, featured both the old and newly appointed heads of communities as well as the new Provincial Council Members. The Holy Eucharist in the crypt, during which Fr. Provincial spoke of the role of the rector to both animate and govern the community, set the tone for the day's proceedings.

The morning sessions began with the communications of the Provincial. This was followed by an update on the programme in connection with Don Bosco's casket. Fr. Edwin in charge of logistics briefed the gathering about the tentative plan while Fr. Wilfed spoke of the animation at Community and Province levels as we prepare for this once in a lifetime event.

Fr. Roger then acquainted us with the legal status of our boardings and a discussion was initiated on the need to get our boardings registered under the provisions of the J.J. Act. There were certain queries that needed further investigation and hopefully these will be clarified in the coming months.

The final session of the morning was a beautiful summary by Fr. Ashley of the four papers presented by the Salesians at the Team Visit. The contents of these are available in the current issue of the S.D.B. West.

The afternoon session began with the communications of the Vice Provincial. The Province Calendar was discussed. A sample of what is expected from the communities when they prepare their EPPs for the New Year was given to appealed to all who had not yet contributed to the Province Solidarity Fund to do so.

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