Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Alex D’Mello and Angela D’Souza

BORIVLI, MARCH 23, 2011: A symposium on “Property, Succession and Will”, was conducted by Don Bosco, Borivli Parish unit of The Bombay Catholic Sabha on March 20, 2011.

Fr. Ronald Menezes, Spiritual Director and Parish Priest commenced the programme with an opening prayer. Fifty eight people including individuals of other parishes attended the programme. The programme was chaired by Advocate Raphael D’Souza, and his son, Advocate Glenn D’Souza.
Adv. Raphael explained about the different kinds of properties: movable, immovable and intellectual properties and Adv. Glenn D’Souza touched upon the documentation part of the WILL. Adv. Raphael mainly dwelt on movable and immovable properties which is the concern of an ordinary citizen. The intellectual properties like trade marks, patents belong to Corporate and other entities. While explaining about movable properties, he said the properties which are mobile in nature fall under the movable category like cash, gold, vehicles, shares etc. whereas land and buildings fall under the immovable property. He also spoke about ancestral properties and how family disintegration can be avoided if the head of the family can draw up a “Family Settlement Document” during his lifetime, signed by all the heirs to the property.


Adv. Glenn D’Souza, explained about the making of “WILL’ which plays a greater role to keep the families intact after the death of the “Testator” (maker of the WILL). He provided the participants with all the details involved in the making and execution of the will. A topic of this nature elicited a lot of questions which were answered by the two resource persons to the satisfaction of all present.

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