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Patrick Corda
MUMBAI, BORIVALI, APRIL 28, 2011:  On April 28, 2011, Don Bosco Technical Training institute arranged a two hours session in Wine Training, a program conducted by UB Groups & Tulleho Beverage Innovations, supported by Four Seasons Hotel Pvt. Ltd.
The session started in the morning at 11.30 am where around eighty five students of Sankalp Batch-5 and of the MoRD Batch-3 Hotel Management, attended the session. Mr. Clive Castelino Training Manager- Wines of UB Group, United Spirits Limited started the session with a power point presentation on wines. Patrick Corda coordinator of Accenture Sankalp program welcomed Mr. Clive Castelino and explained how helpful he had been to the Institute by sharing his knowledge on wines. Mr. Clive introduced himself to the class and mentioned that he was always ready to share his knowledge on wines. He explained what is wine, types of wine, viticulture, soil, how to taste wine etc. the entire session took at least one hour.
After the presentation it was time for the wine bottles to be opened. Sixty glasses of white wine and red wine were ready, and the students were just waiting to sip the wine. When all the students had a glass in their hands Mr. Clive told them to take it easy and relish every drop of the wine, he showed them the following steps, the 3-S which is See, Swirl, and Sip,  and the moment they finished swirling they just sipped it and you should have seen their faces. Every one enjoyed the training more than they enjoyed drinking it. A vote of thanks was given to the Trainers by Fr. Anthony Santarita, Director of the institute. He told the students that the training would benefit, if they put into practice what ever had been taught during the session.
At the end Fr. Anthony Santarita said,  “Come to me all those who are thirsty” and I will give you Wine.


Cl. Mylin Noronha

ALIRAJPUR, APRIL 25, 2011: On Easter Monday, fifty eight students of Jhabua diocese arrived in Alirajpur to participate in the Annual English Camp.  The camp was being organized by the salesians and the sisters of the SSpS congregation, for those students who had done well in the entrance exam. This was a great initiative taken by the Diocese of Jhabua.

For many students it was a very crucial moment because they were leaving their home for the first time to enter into an environment that was very different.  However, they were aware of the fact that the camp was an essential part of the admission process to enter the school of excellence program.  It aimed at selecting, guiding and providing opportunities to the best students in the diocese to come up in life and contribute to the progress of their families, society and diocese.

The theme of this year annual camp was ‘Follow Your Dreams’. During a short welcome programme in the evening, the theme was elaborated by the camp incharge – Fr. Francis Fernandes.   He stressed on the importance of dreaming big and then bending every energy towards bringing them to their fulfillment. He promised the children that the camp would be a wonderful experience for them if they put their heart into the various activities that would be organized for them – the classes, games, competitions, outings and other talent enhancing activities.

The camp was preceded by a hectic week of planning by the co-ordinator - Dn Osborn Furtado and his enthusiastic team to take care of every detail of the camp with great precision. Definitely the zeal and passion shown by the organizers and the participants will ensure that the camp was a success so that the children receive an experience that they will treasure for a long time.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Francis Fernandes MUMBAI, APRIL 20, 2011:  On nineteenth of April the boys of Maria Ashiana were too excited. For the past 4 days, they were being trained by Bro. Ranson, Bro. Ajit,  Francis Sir and Vidya Madam on how to pitch a tent, about the various knots, Baden Powell, the Scouts & Guides anthem and prayer song.  Today, all the build up was to become a reality.

Thirty boys were divided into 3 patrols. Each had prepared posters on their patrol name, selected boys went about pitching their tents, beautifying the area, making projects, and preparing for the inauguration.  Some of them were learning to march and  salute for the first time in their lives. We were fortunate to have, the delegate of Groups and Movements of the Province, Fr.Edwin Colaco come to inaugurate the      ” Go Green” scout camp which was held from nineteenth to twenty first  April 2011.  After hoisting the flag and declaring the camp open, he gave an inspiring speech on the importance of caring for the environment, water, plants, electricity, etc. He taught them a few yells and claps and spoke of Baden Powells’ moto and to be prepared for the service of others. He then went around inspecting the 3 patrols and encouraged them to make creative projects and make use of the opportunity to learn as many new items as possible.

The boys took their task seriously and went right deeply into the scouting activites. Each patrol had decided to save water and plant a few saplings as an   offer before the camp ends.


Surekha Pednekar
MUMBAI, MATUNGA, APRIL 19, 2011: In 2010, the Government of India declared that every citizen will be issued a Unique Identification Number (UID) to help them access schemes and to serve as an identity document. Don Bosco Development Society (DBDS) has partnered with Indian Bank to ensure the issue of UID cards to all its SHG members and to the residents from project areas.

The UID drive began on April 11, and concluded on April 16. The registrations were done at the Don Bosco Provincial House, Matunga. A total of 1038 people were covered under this initiative. The staff of DBDS and Indian Bank ensured that the documents were prepared without any mistakes and that people were able to fill out their forms properly.

This drive was part of DBDS on going program to ensure that citizens are able to access government services in the city. DBDS is presently working on issues concerning the public distribution system, water and sanitation.


PUNE, YERWADA, APRIL 18, 2011: On April 13, 2011 Wednesday, an opening ceremony programme of the Hotel Management course was arranged by Bosco Samajik Sanstha (BSS) in collaboration with the Institute of Hotel & Tourism Management. A Certificate Course on the Hotel and Catering Technology is being given by the Institute of Hotel & Tourism Management (I.H.T.M) for the minority students of Don Bosco School. For this program, Principal Fr. Donald Fernanades, Rector Fr. Francis Kharjia, Administrator & Director Fr. George Miranda and I.H.T.M (H.O.D) Miss. Utpala were present.

Fr. Donald welcomed the I.H.T.M teachers and the students. He spoke about the bright career of the Hotel Industry and about the precious opportunity of this course being offered for the benefit of the students, who are interested in attending this course regularly. Fr. Donald also assured to provide all the facilities for this course and encouraged the students to take part largely to earn the benefit of this course.

Fr. George thanked the Rector Fr. Francis, Principal Fr. Donald for permitting BSS to make use of the school premises for this purpose. Fr. George also mentioned that just like Don Bosco who mainly shaped the lives of the youth in his time, so we are trying to follow the footsteps of Don Bosco in shaping and directing the youth of our time in the right direction.

The Rector & Parish Priest Fr. Francis Kharjia in his speech mentioned about the present competitive world in all spheres of life. In these circumstances he encouraged the youth to improve and develop their skills in the various fields and become good citizens of our country. He wished them all to benefit from this good opportunity being provided to them.

In all, seventy five students filled the forms while fifty students attended the first lecture.


Fr. William Falcao sdb
MUMBAI, WADALA, APRIL 18, 2011: Shelter Don Bosco today, on April 18, 2011, inaugurated the English Summer camp with Fr. Stanny and Fr. Briston as chief guests. After a small briefing about the timetable of the activities and classes of the camp by Eustace and Elias, the Fathers officially started the Summer Camp by cutting a ribbon.

In accordance with tradition, shelter wants to enhance the spoken English skills of its boys by conducting an English Summer Camp and also focus on the personality development of the boys. This camp should lead the boys to overcome the fear of speaking English and turning them into confident citizens with good job opportunities.

Fr.Stanny and Fr. Ferreira motivated the boys by citing many examples of the boys who enhanced their job opportunities by learning English and told them that the natural way of learning a language was by speaking it all the time. Fr. Briston Britto told them that English is an international language and by learning it would open a global window in their life.


Bento D’Souza

NAGAR, APRIL 18, 2011: From April 8– 9, 2011, nineteen Salesians met in the Audio Visual Conference room at Provincial House to deliberate on the issue: Does Bosco-Mumbai Province need Aid from foreign sources and for how long?
Fr M C George, Director of the National Bosco Network, India, at the request of Fr. Ajoy and Fr. Elson, came over. He spent two days animating us on the reality of the intended project which puts impact on the Salesian way of life. He was facilitated by Mrs. Nisha Purshottam of “Think Strategic India”, based in Bangalore and funded by Cordaid. Against the session on Brand making, Salesian re-branded their lives and articulated their own version of what SDB proudly meant of them.

The movers and shakers of Salesian Projects, stalwarts and freshers, like the Deacons, from Pune joined hands to work on themselves and their brand. This is what they expressed in terms of the Title SDB and Self-Directions. Profiling oneself is a worthwhile experience and does help to see ourselves in a crystal clear perspective.

Being a Salesian of Don Bosco is an explosive power-packed title. Being in the Salesian Team-Mumbai Province is an energizing experience. The authenticity of the title SDB comes from working consistently with the target group, the voiceless poor and the marginalized young adults at risk around the neighborhood of the Salesian Institutions and not for just those in it. All those who attended felt that the Think Strategic seminar was an eye-opener to the fact that foreign funds will end at some time or other, so forewarned is forearmed. Its impact was a change in mid-set for all.

Thanks, Fr. Maria Arokiam for installing the National Bosco Net, India and the Provincial Council for executing the vision to the T. “Wealth for all, poor as well as rich through imparting skills, literacy and education by the SDB’s.”

In a nutshell, the workshop taught us the 5 T’s: Think, Test, Trust, Thank and Transform.

Being a Salesian today is being ‘HOT’, Honest, Open and Transparent! Is it not?


Partick Corda
MUMBAI, APRIL 18, 2011: On April 16, 2011 almost 150 women from Vasai Koliwada, and Mulgaon parish along with Fr. Solomon and Fr. Baptist decided to walk with the Lord on the road to Calvary. The group reached Sawant Wadi, the road leading to Bosco Wadi, at 8.00 in the morning. They were welcomed by Fr. Bastin Thomas, Br. Richard Burkhao, and Br. Sachin.
The station of the cross then started right from the top of the mountain coming down to Bosco Wadi. It was an amazing scene to watch the women walk down in prayer and devotion. Every one wore a different traditional dress. While I was clicking a few photos, I heard a women say, " I wonder how the Lord might have walked with the cross, how much pain he undertook for us." this bought a smile on my face and I knew that they were really participating in the service, I heard some say, " This is like our Journey on the Road to Calvary."

Among the women were a few school teachers and many elderly women. In-spite of their age their devotion was great. The moment we reached down every one was tired and just wanted to go and rest. A slide show on the Passion of Christ was then explained by Fr. Bastin. The Blessed Sacrament was then exposed. The sacrament of Reconciliation then followed. Many received the sacrament with joy. As soon as the confession was over, they all walked in a procession to the place where a Cross was placed. They were asked to nail their sins to the cross. Many wept at this point. The cross was carried by the ladies to the shore and I knew it wasn't easy because the cross was very heavy along with their sins nailed to it. Their sins were then removed by Fr. Bastin and Fr. Ashwin and burnt them and rolled them into the sea.

Fr. Bastin explained about the Veil with the Face of Jesus printed on it. This souvenir was blessed and distributed to all as a remembrance of their Journey with the Lord. A vote of thanks was given by Fr. Solomon who said that this was something different that they all had come across. He thanked Fr. Anthony Santarita for organizing such a program and assured the community of his prayers. One of the teachers came forward and said, “From my childhood I have been attending a lot of Stations of the Cross service, but this time it was different. When I die, I would like that the same veil cover my face.”

The program ended with a lunch appreciated by all. It was a day to remember.


Cl. Michael Gaikwad

MUMBAI, MATUNGA,APRIL 18, 2011: Don Bosco Youth Services (DBYS), Matunga organized two camps at Boscowadi, Uttan from April 5 - 8 and 12 – 15. In all one hundred and twenty five boys participated in these BOSCO SUMMER LEADESHIP camps. The focus of the camps was to lead one’s life with the grace of Jesus in the Don Bosco way and to grow in leadership skills. While the oratory at Valdoco was a Church, a Home, a School and a Playground, we too at Boscowadi modeled our camp on Valdocco. This was our guiding principle during the camp to accompany the youngsters to be good Christians and responsible leaders.

As regards the spiritual aspect, there was daily Eucharist in which the youngsters were challenged to thank God for all His blessings and also to see the hand of God in their lives. The boys reflected on the camp prayer praising God and also reflecting on the theme of the International year of the Youth, “Our Year, Our Voice”. Daily creative mediations were conducted by Fr Brian and Fr Glenn. The most liked spiritual activity was the Labyrinth Prayer Garden experience. It offered the youngsters a time of gifting themselves with sacred silence, of going deep into self and to make an ‘outward journey’ to accept life and live it fully. At the end of each day, the boys were given the traditional Salesian goodnight after praying the rosary under the starry sky on the beach with the rhythmic sound of the waves. The theme for the camps was: “Leading with Christ the Bosco way.” The boys were introduced to the Salesian Youth Spirituality by Fr. Glenn.

For many campers, living out in camp style was a first experience. The campers were divided into teams which helped them to grow through group work and team bonding. Each team had responsibilities for the camp that helped them to be efficient leaders and strong team members. The food in the camp was from Mr. Tolouse’s Kitchen flavored with special Uttan masala and spices. The camp had no IPL, TV, air conditioned room and internet but a wonderful time to live close to nature and live with new friends. The Vadocco spirit created a new family.

The camp also helped the boys intellectually with quizzes on the Bible, lives of Saints, and facts of Mother Mary. During the trek and treasure hunt, the campers were quizzed on the sermons, talks and the quotes that challenged them to put on their thinking caps. Each day the boys used their time during the spare time activity to learn to make colorful and attractive wrist bands and key chains.

The camp also catered to the physical dimension of growth. Daily animated games, lightening tournaments and competitions such as talent search and fancy dress competition were organized. These activities kept the boys lively and cheerful, participating in healthy fun making and lot of joyful noise. There was a football match between match between the campers and the animators. The campers’ team ‘Dicky Boys’ played with great vigor and sportsmanship while losing 2-0. The boys also went to see the light house to see the beautiful Arabian Sea. There was also a trip to the vegetable field of Mr. Tolouse.

The animators of the camps were Fr. Brian, Fr. Glen, Br. McEnroe, Br. Mavron , Br. Michael. They were ably assisted by twelve young volunteers. One of the interesting highlights of the camp was the sharing and interaction with the Salesians and getting to know their vocation stories.

The Camps were windows for holistic growth. At the end of the camp everyone would rightly say, “It was good for us to be here.”

Monday, April 18, 2011


Patrick Corda

MUMBAI, BORIVALI, APRIL 18, 2011: The Students of Don Bosco Technical Training Institute have a bright future and a clear vision. To check the vision of the students of Sankap, MORD, Bosco Boys as well as the staff, the Institute organised an Eye Check-Up Camp on April 16, 2011, at Bosco Boys’ Home. Mrs. Abha Sharma of NAB (National Association For The Blind India) along with her team came to the Institute in the morning at 10.30 am where they were welcomed by Fr. Anthony Santarita, the Director of the Institute. The students and the Staff Mr. Dayanand, who organised the camp, appreciated the service the team provided, which was free of cost. He mentioned that a similar camp was arranged a year back by the same group. He also mentioned that the group was always ready to work for a social cause by reaching out to people who were underprivileged, marginalized, and with financial difficutlies.

In all, we had 130 students who got their eyes checked. They were happy that the Institute organized a camp like this. Madhuri Govalkar, a student from Sankalp, training in Hotel Management said, "I always wanted to go for an eye check up but never got the opportunity because of my college. The price of the spectacles was also high. When I got to know about this camp, I was happy. Anyhow I completed the test. I am grateful to the Institute that in-spite of the minimal fees that we pay for the training program; the other benefits are good too. I will always recommend to all my friends around to join this institute.”

The students were assured that all those who were recommended for spectacles would get it within a week. Mrs. Abha Sharma thanked Fr. Anthony Santarita, Dayanand Patil, and the Institute for the warm welcome, and for giving her organization and her team the privilege for rendering their services


Patrick Corda
MUMBAI, BORIVLI, APRIL 15, 2011: On the 12th of April 2011 there were around one hundred and sixty people who had witnessed the passion of Christ through participating in the station of the cross, a Lenten program organized at Bosco Wadi. There were two groups who had separate sessions. Girgaum parish the first group, of forty came in the morning and had separate sessions from 8.00 am to 12.00pm. Sacred Heart parish Worli, the second group of 120 came in the afternoon from 01.00 pm to 05.00pm. Both the groups had young, old, and children, who actively participated in the journey of, the passion of Christ. From the top of the mountain, they came residing the 14 stations of the Passion of Christ. It wasn't an easy journey for many because of the humid climate. Inspite of being so hot, there were many elderly people who couldn't walk but their faith and their love for Jesus Christ made it possible. Many were found kneeling at some junction. On seeing a woman kneeling during the station of the cross i went and asked her how she could kneel in that heat, and lots of stones. The lady answered “If He could do so much for me, why couldn't I do a little for him."
Both the groups had the same sessions:- Clippings of the movie passion of Christ, Confession, nailing of the sins on the wooden cross. Many of them had already seen the movie Passion of Christ but never knew that behind some of the clipping, there was something the film maker Mel Gibson was trying to show. Fr. Bastin and Fr. Ashwin explained well on the selected 14 slides. One of the parishioner from Worli parish who is a film critic came forward to thank and said " I am a film critic and i have seen this movie many a times but today Fr. Bastin has bought light in the slides shown and let me out of the darkness which even I wasn't aware of." On speaking to a few people after the service Christopher said “I have been to this place almost 12 years back, it was different from what I see now. There is a tremendous change we would certainly come again." A Lady by the name of Reena from Charni Road who came for the service said " Every year we used to go for Station of the Cross service to different parishes, but this time it is different I could only see the Cross for many of the services that I have attended but this time I got the chance to lift the Cross, and this was really amazing and a memorable experience. Peedu from the same parish said" The place is good, the service is good and most of all the money that you have charged for food is nothing compared to the memories that you all have put into our hearts and minds. We will certainly come again."


Fr. Xavier Devadas

MUMBAI, KARJAT,APRIL 13, 2011: Fifty four youths from various parts of Maharashtra like Amravati, Malgat, Vashim, Roha, Sholapur, etc. joined the hostel for current MORD technical training at Karjat. As part of education, in social responsibility and self governance they were given an opportunity to set up their own governing system. Under this youths were divided into five groups, known as the village. Each group sat separately discussed and elected their village Sar Panch. All the Sarpanches took over the animation of the village, by selecting a suitable name like ektanagar, adrashnagar, etc. The management (central government) chose one member from each village and appointed them as Gram sevak. Further on the Sar Panch and the Gram sevak held a village meeting to appoint seven members who could be representing seven issues like health, education, finance, sports, culture, labour, food and environment. These MLA’s in turn elected their respective ministers. This was followed by Sar Panches and Ministers who were eligible for the posts of CM and Dept.CM. In the right spirit and enthusiasm each candidate made a spirited speech to campaign for themselves. The Gram sevak distributed ballet papers for the election. It was a pulsating moment for everyone as the counting progressed. Finally, Nilesh … from Karanja was elected as the Chief Minister of DBYS Karjat and Ashish took over as Dept. CM. Gram Sevak’s in their turn elected their Chief Amol as Chief Secretary of this newly formed YOUTH ASSEMBLY.

Most of these youths came from disadvantaged situations, socially and economically emarginated and politically exploited. To them a mere exercise of participating in such election was educative and empowering. In fact, one could sense the environment of pride and joy on each of the members elected. At DBYS Karjat it is not a mock exercise, these ministries and Panchayat would engage in real time activity of panning, executing and monitoring day-to-day activities. The important fact of this is that each member is endowed with rights and responsibilities. The unlimited scope for developing leadership is thrown open, participatory decision-making and collective problem-solving becomes ordinary day-to-day experience. Through this, not only these youth build self-confidence but also they assist in running the entire in-house living at Karjat.

There is hope in the future that Don Bosco will not only sharpen the tools of earning livelihood but also molding the youth to lead the emerging India.


MUMBAI, APRIL 14, 2011: The parishioners of the Resurrection Church, Virar (E) bid a tearful farewell to their out-going Parish Priest, Rev. Fr. Blany Pinto, who will be shortly leaving to take up his new assignment as Rector and Parish Priest in Kuwait.

The altar was creatively decorated with varied hues of green ornamental plant, which paid tribute to Fr. Blany’s love for nature. The backdrop was illustrated with the words, “We’ll Miss U,” which echoed the sentiments of the parishioners, who had gathered in large numbers to express their heartfelt gratitude to their beloved priest.

Fr. Blany was the main celebrant at the 8.00am. Eucharist, con-celebrated by Fr. Lawrence D’souza, our newly appointed Rector and Parish Priest and Fr. Augustine Pereira, Assistant Parish Priest.

After Communion Fr.Lawrence recalled how Fr. Blany, with his gentleness, patience and humility, endeared himself to one and all. On behalf of the congregation a parishioner read out an address, reminiscing about Fr. Blany’s tenure in Virar and the sheer vibrancy he infused in the Parish. The Parish Bulletin, a tribute to Fr. Blany’s pastoral service at Virar, was released by him. A representative each from the 13 communities and numerous associations of the Parish, presented him with gifts and mementos. A melodious farewell song in Hindi by a group of altar servers, led by Fr. Augustine. A short audio-visual capturing Fr. Blany in various moods during various Parish events made everyone nostalgic.

Fr. Blany thanked the parishioners for their unconditional love and support, especially in times of ill- health and difficulties. He expressed his gratitude to the Salesian Priest he had worked along with earlier at Virar and the current team of Fr. Lawrence and Fr. Augustine.

Dear Fr. Blany, we feel ourselves blessed to have you as a caring person who has shepherded us over the past 5 years. You have etched a permanent place for yourself in our hearts. We shall accompany you with our prayers as you embark on your new apostolate.

Monday, April 11, 2011


 Melvin Pangya

MOKHADA, APRIL 11, 2011: Walvanda: Bosco Samajik Vikas Sanstha organized a four day (i.e. 4th to 7th April 2011) workshop, in Mokhada, Kiniste village, Thane district. The staff from BSVS along with selected youth volunteers and villagers from Kiniste had participated for the workshop. Fr. Blaise, Director Bosco Gramin Vikas Kendra, Ahmed Nagar also attended the workshop. Mr. Swapnil Bagul from BGVK had come as a resource person for the programme. The inauguration programme began with the lighting of the lamp by Fr. Anaclete D’mello and the village Sarpanch Mrs. Lata Madake with other Panchayat memberst.

It was the festival of GOODY PADAVA. Fr. Anaclete encouraged the people to begin the New Year with a fresh approach. The villagers were cooperative and helpful in preparing their own village perspective plan.

Mr. Swapnil began the workshop by explaining the importance of watershed, and how the problems were serious in this region. The villagers had a transact walk and were shown the boundary of the village, along with the identification of the catchment areas. The villagers helped them to prepare a rough plan and suggested the area where the land required focus. The measurement taken for CCT and WAT was explained the next day.

In the evening, villagers had a meeting and decided to do Shramadan for the next day. Ten families were ready to volunteer for Shramadan. The owner of the farm along with the village Sarpanch was present during the Shramadan.

On the third day, the resource person explained how to fill the forms, and collect the information from the farmers before initiating the activities of the watershed. On the last day the ten families did the Shramadan and completed one CCT.

The entire workshop was packed with plenty of practice. The villagers were very much involved and eager to learn. At the valediction function many people spoke appreciating the process begun with BSVS. The youth expressed that it was a good learning for them. They also said that they are going to raise the issue in the coming Gramsabha and also they will contribute some money. They appreciated and recognized the support of BSVS in the process. The Gram Vikas Mandal played an important role in making this programme a success.


Melvin Pangya
MOKHADA, APRIL 11, 2011: Bosco Samajik Vikas Sanstha, Jawhar, organized women’s day celebration programmes at eleven villages, in Jawhar and Mokhada blocks of Thane district. The villages were: Walvanda, Sadak Pada, Bharwar pada, Wangan Pada, Bhadange pada, Sakur, Shiroshi, Kiniste, Suryamal, Dapti and Koshimshet. On an average, 70 to 80 women from each village participated in the programme.

Fr. Anaclete D’mello along with the BSVS staff attended the programmes and gave a motivating message. He appreciated the women in taking the initiative to organize the programme which was more related to their life.

Mrs. Priyanka Gavit, Mrs. Supriya Sawant head nurse and Mr. Shahnavaz Shaikh from Government cottage hospital were the resource persons for the programme.

The emphasis was on: to create general health awareness for women and prepare them for monsoon health problems. The pre-planning meeting was conducted and topics were suggested by the women. The resource person was well experienced and dealt with the topics very well - especially problems regarding their personal health and hygiene.

The women themselves planned and organized the program. They contributed money and in some places served food and sponsored the mandap. The competitions were conducted for them and prizes were given as tokens of appreciation.


Nestor Fernandes
MUMBAI, APRIL 10, 2011: Alumni Animation Day was held at Don Bosco Provincial House, Matunga on 10th April 2011. The representatives from all the units of Mumbai were present. A big number of young alumni from Andheri joined the group. The program started with a warm welcome. Fr. Elias Dias celebrated the Holy Eucharist. In his homily he spoke on Death and New Life. He said we need each other to live this new life. Don Bosco gave new life to so many youngsters at his time.

Mr. Ketan Gala, the President of Alumni, Mumbai Province welcomed the participants and introduced Rev. Fr. Ajoy Fernandes, the Vice Provincial who spoke on the importance of words. Words can change a person. Dr. Marcus Emoto proved this theory with several experiments. Our body consists of 72% of water. Dr. Emoto showed by his experiments that words of love can change the molecules of water. He said, "The words of appreciation can change the personality of a person." He then gave a small exercise which showed appreciation of others.

Fr. Wilfred D'souza spoke on the visitation of the relics of Don Bosco in Mumbai. He asked the Past Pupils to: a) mobilize all the alumni; b) make a publicity of the visit of the relics; & c) organize a program of the past pupils in order to commemorate this visit. In the discussion that followed the alumni decided to have a common meeting of the Presidents of the alumni in order to discuss the program of the visit of the relics of Don Bosco. They also discussed the identity cards of the alumni. The President spoke on the National Election of the alumni in the month of June 2011.

Fr. Elias Dias thanked the Past Pupils for their love, affection and co-operation. He asked them not to fight for power but for service and remain united in order to fulfill the mission of Don Bosco. He also told them to love Don Bosco not only in words but in their actions and life. Mr. Ketan Gala thanked the speakers, members of the Provincial House and all those who attended.

Friday, April 8, 2011


Bella Almeida
BORIVILI, APRIL 8, 2011: Twenty members of Our Lady of Mercy Zone, Chikuwadi visited Mukta Jeevan, Asangaon, a home for HIV and Leprosy patients and their children. On reaching the home sister Babara and Nirmala gave us a warm welcome. The first thing that struck us was the picture of Fr. Anthony Alessi sdb at the entrance.

Sr. Urmila, took us to the workshop where the patients are given basic skills to sustain themselves such as shoe making, weaving and bag making. This also helps the patients to go back to their families and be productive members of society. A number of items were displayed which were made by the inmates like bed sheets, bags, candles, napkins, purses etc. Each of us eagerly picked up the items of our choice.

Our next visit was to the children’s home. The children were so glad to see us that they all greeted us with a welcome song. Fifty six children were undergoing HIV positive treatment. However, when it was time to exhibit their talent, their enthusiasm was no less than any normal healthy children. The children were happy and their behavior showed that how much effort the Sisters are putting in. We were impressed by the joy they manifested despite their illness.

Sr. Nirmala then escorted us to the home for the men and women who were suffering from Leprosy. These people ostracized by society and marginalized through no fault of theirs were living in a hope to start a fresh with dignity and pride. We spent some time singing hymns and listening to their problems.

Later in the afternoon we visited the home for the aged. We were so glad to meet a woman aged hundred and one years doing little things by herself. The inmates were so happy to see us and thanked us for our little gesture. Together, we sang a few Konkani songs. They were all so sweet and loving.
Finally we visited the home for the HIV positive men and women who were busy with their chores. But all was not over; Sr. Babara had a little surprise for us. In the area itself we were taken to a beautiful river side. An ideal place for family and group picnics. We were quite disappointed as we could not be there for long as we had to travel back to Borivli. Hopefully we can do so on our next visit.

Finally hats off to the Sisters at Mukta Jeevan, who are full of life. Very warm, affectionate and welcoming. The work they do is tremendous. Creating a dream for all the inmates’ to live long and make a new beginning. Truly living by God’s words “Whatsoever you do to the least of my people, that you do unto me.” Mathew 25: 35-40


WADALA, APRIL 8, 2011: On April 7, 2011, the Shelter Don Bosco boy were treated to ‘Yoga’ sessions and taught to be healthy on  the   occasion of the world health day.  The sessions were conducted by the team of Young Indians ‘Yi’ group. This group is related to CII, Confederation of Indian industries. The main goal of having yoga session was to keep the mind  and  body healthy. The session was conducted in the Shelter hall from 7:00 am to 8:00am.  With great enthusiasm the shelter boys actively   participated.  Under the leadership of Dr. Bhavna, an alumni of Auxillum Wadala, the young Indian team were impressed and promised to be in touch and network with shelter in future. After the session the boys were given snacks and fruits.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


KAPADVANJ, APRIL 6, 2011: On April 1, 2011, the aspirants of Don Bosco Vocation Centre staged a Musical Opera in English entitled “IT’S COOL TO BE HOLY”. It was scripted, choreographed and directed by our dynamic practical trainee Br. Royston Colaco who craftily knit together the lives of the young saints and blessed like Dominic Savio, Laura Vicuna, Zefferino Namancura, Maria Gorretti and John Berchmans and brought them on one platform to see how their lives could inspire a love for holiness.

The opera was glittered with a blend of soulful, sacred and contemporary music, electrifying dance sequences and youthful vigor. It was an amazing performance by our boys and what stands as credit to their achievement is that these are boys from the vernacular mediums who have completed barely nine months of the English Course conducted at our vocation centre. Also appreciable is the fact that in spite of being a meager ten boys, they stage-managed the show with astounding precision having had to be involved in all the dances, the drama, the backdrops and props transitions, besides donning multiple roles.
Besides the Opera, the aspirants had a firsthand exposure to singing the choir piece Whispering Hope, and also to the taste of Instrumental Harmony in which they played THOU ART WORTHY and O MAA MARIAM.The show was graced by the presence of the Coadjutor Brothers of the Mumbai Province together with the Provincial, Fr. Michael Fernandes who was the Chief Guest. Also present were the Salesians, the Salesian Sisters, Fathers and Sisters of the Deanery, parishioners and friends. Every single person who witnessed the show expressed their appreciation and awe at what they described as a fantastic, beautiful, and enjoyable performance.

It was edifying and encouraging experiencing the sense of solidarity among the communities in the Gujarat region who generously shared their confreres, stage, light, sound, and costume equipment for the show.

Our Congregation is emphasizing the need to promote Salesian Youth Spirituality as the Spirit infusing the Salesian Youth Movement. This year has also been declared as the International Year of Youth. In this light, our production is a small effort to inspire youngsters to youthful sanctity.

Congrats to Br. Royston, the boys, and the confreres of the community who were single minded in their efforts at communicating the beautiful message of ‘Youthful Holiness’ so originally, creatively, and effectively.


KAPADVANJ, APRIL 6, 2011: April 1, 2011, Don Bosco Kapadvanj saw the Inauguration of its newly erected extension block. Fr. Michael Fernandes, our Provincial, blessed the new building in the presence of the Salesian confreres of the region, coadjutor brothers of the Province, fathers and sisters of the Deanery, aspirants and confreres of the vocation centre, well wishers and friends.

The Inauguration began with a prayer service in which the assembly gave thanks and praise to God for the blessing of a new block to our institution here at Kapadvanj. Fr. Micheal briefed us about how he went about acquiring permission for the land at Kapadvanj and how he wanted to ensure that Kapadvanj grew as an Institution to what it is today. He thanked the confreres of the house and appreciated Fr. Ivan Desouza for the follow up of the construction and the leadership in animating the confreres and boys. This new block will serve to house aspirants who will be broug to this home by God’s call to serve him. We pray that the space provided for the training of our candidates will assist the formation and discernment processes that will be undertaken to build up ministers in God’s service.


BIS Correspondent

BORIVLI, APRIL 6, 2011: The Management, Staff and students of Don Bosco High School, Borivli were delighted to hear the news that one of their own teachers, MR. ROSSI D’SOUZA was nominated as the Sarpanch of the Gorai Gaothan by the Mobal Gaothan Panchayat, an informal body of gaothan residents.

Mr. Rossi is well known in the Gorai region as a Social Activist. He has taken up many issues and fought for the rights of the people, mostly fisher folk. While we assure Mr. Rossi of our prayers we also want to wish him all the best in this new responsibility that he has undertaken. May God be with him as he continues to struggle along with the people whom he is called to serve.


Patrick Corda
UTTAN, APRIL 6, 2011: On April 4, 2011 hundred and sixty people experienced for the first time in their lives the Road to Calvary a Station of the Cross program specially organized for the Lenten season. The program was conducted by Fr. Anthony Santarita, Rector of Bosco Boys Home and his team. Bosco Wadi which was used for recreation programs is now blessed with a lot of spiritual activities and this is because of the continuous and tireless efforts of Fr. Bastin and Fr. Ashwin. The program began at 8.00 am and ended at 6.00pm in d evening. the sessions conducted by Fr. Bastin Thomas and Fr. Ashwin Mackwan were as follows: station of the cross, a PPT on the passion of Christ, confession, nailing the sins to the cross, carrying the cross to the sea shore, and distribution of the white veil cloth with the face of Jesus printed over it.

He programme went on well and every one devotionally participated in it. Fr. Alex Gonsalves from the parish of Arnahal thanked Fr. Anthony Santarita and his team for arranging such a wonderful program he said " The service was really heart touching and good, if it has touched the hearts of my youth and bought tears in their eyes, then it has also touched me too I am grateful that this time we chose Bosco Wadi for our Lenten station of the cross program”.


Romero D’Souza sdb

KARJAT, APRIL 6, 2011: April 4, 2011 was declared a National Holiday in honor of the Maharashtrian Festival Gudi Padwa, a time to enter the New Year Day. We made this day a memorable one for the Institute DBYS by celebrating with the students as most of them are Marathas. The day began with Fr. Xavier Devadas giving us a message on this New Year. He invited us to live a life of love, of humility, of sacrifice by helping our brothers and sisters in need of help and by being friendly to the nature at all times.

The World Cup Final left a striking mark on our hearts and minds. With India winning the Final’s which sets us (Salesians) to organize a Dawn to Dusk Cricket Tournament having seven teams. The teams were further divided in Pools A and B. Round one had six over’s each and the semifinals had eight over’s, for the teams to either make a power score or to chase the power score. The two teams named Friends and Yarana made it to the finals. Finally it was Yarana that drove their score to eighty three out of nine over’s which kept the Friends team on pins and needle by taking all wickets and winning the Final’s.

The presence of Fr. Xavier gave a boost to all the players and the viewers of this Lagaan to feel the punch of this New Year.The setting of the sun left the boys with the slogan, yeh dil mange more Aaahhh…


Romero D’Souza sdb
KARJAT, APRIL 6, 2011: On April 2, 2011 Don Bosco Technical Karjat (DBTK) had the enrollment of eighty new students coming from Amravati, Asangaon and Karanjar. Fr. Xavier Devdas addressed the students during the assembly encouraging them by saying, “The Journey is as important as the goal”. The courses available at DBTK are Electrician, Welding and AC Mechanic which will be summoned after a hard work of three months. The increase in the number shines forth because of the success brought by the early two batches that have completed their courses in this academic year and are now at their job places.

The courses begin at 8:15 a.m. till 4:30 p.m. after which we have daily chores, games, evening study and TV time for the boys. Fr. Xavier also conducts sessions on yoga, meditation, personality development, therapy, etiquette and mannerism. Above all the staff and the students of DBTK live as one family.

Monday, April 4, 2011


PUNE, APRIL 4, 2011: On March 26, 2011 BSS celebrated Women’s Day Programme. Fr. Donald Fernandez, Principal of Don Bosco School was invited as Chief Guest. We also invited Fr. Francis Kharjia, the Parish Priest, Fr. George Miranda, Admin and Director of BSS, Mr. Sanjay Jadhav, D.C.P, Mrs. Pushpa Pawar, Education Officer, Mrs. Vaishali Chavan, Incharge of I.H.T.M., Mrs. Utkarsha, H.O.D of I.H.T.M and Dr. Dhende. There were two hundred and sixty women present for this programme.
Fr. Donald inaugurated the programme by cutting the ribbon and said a small prayer. Following were the programmes held: an Exhibition to showcase Women’s income generation activities, various competitions were conducted like Rangoli, Mehandi, Cookery, Drama, Singing and Mimicry.
At this juncture D.C.P. Mr. Sanjay Jadhav joined the programme. Along with the other guests Mr. Jadhav lit the lamp. In his speech, he appreciated the women’s effort of conducting various items of the programme. He highlighted the following three aspects: i) women’s income generating activities, quality of the material and market for it. ii) Relationship between the police and common people and iii) Domestic violence, Acts for women and Police help.
The Education Officer Mrs. Pushpalata Pawar also took part in this programme. In her speech she explained about her experiences of struggles and stimulation which she came across in her life to achieve her present position in the society by her hard work. She exposed it as a good example to the others also to follow.
After this we had the following entertainment programmes: Drama on superstitions, singing competition and Mimicry. Prizes and Certificates were awarded to the winners.
Fr. George proposed the vote of thanks to all the guests, the participants and the BSS staff.


Cl. Michael Gaikwad
GUJARAT, APRIL 4, 2011: A three day mission camp to some Salesian houses of Gujarat was organized by Don Bosco Youth Services from March 28 to April 1, 2011. In all there were twenty six participants from Mumbai and two from Gujarat. The youngsters gathered at Matunga on March 28 at 4:00pm, after an orientation by Fr. Brian regards the Mission Camp the youngsters introduced themselves to each other. Any mission has certain goals to accomplish, therefore, through an exercise conducted by Fr. Glenford, the youth made commitments that they would follow during the Mission camp ahead. They traveled by the Gujarat mail at 10:00pm. They reached Nadidad the following morning at 5:00am. As they entered Kapadvanj they were enchanted by the peacocks that were in the fields. The boys were warmly welcomed by the community of Kapadvanj. After breakfast the youth were given an introduction to the activities of Don Bosco Kapadvanj by Fr. Ivan D’souza. After playful ice breakers, the boys went for mass. The holy Eucharist was celebrated by Fr. Glenford. In his homily he invited the youth to be directed by this meaning question: “What is the ‘loving thing’ to do rather than what is the ‘right thing’ to do?”

After a sumptuous meal the young missionaries went to a village in Kapadvanj known as Motipura. The villagers welcomed the youth with hot tea and the village tour began. The group was amazed at seeing the village huts, the farms of cotton and castor oil, and mulching of cows and buffaloes. After a very tasty ethnic food prepared by the villagers, the youth attended a village meeting. They also presented skits on values of unity, and education, ending with a popular Bollywood song. Sleeping in the open and under the starry skies was a welcome experience. They all rose early morning with the village hustle and bustle. The boys then thanked the villagers and left for Kapadvanj. Just before leaving the boys had a chance to make bricks. Getting back to Kapadvanj the youth had an opportunity to interact with the aspirants. During the interaction the aspirants spoke about their dream to discern God’s call in their lives to be priests and lay brothers. The holy Eucharist was celebrated by Fr. Ivan. During the homily he spoke on how one can be a good missionary.

After games the boys had one of their best moments in Kapadvanj when they saw the play by the aspirants entitled, “It’s Cool to be Holy.” The play was directed by Bro. Royston Colaso. The play was based on the young lives of St. Dominic Savio, St. Maria Goretti, St. John Berchmans, Bl. Zefferino Namuncara, and Bl. Laura Vicuna. The aspirants received a standing ovation as it was a challenging task to put up such a great show with only ten young, dynamic and talented aspirants. The day ended with watching the India – Pakistan match. The boys were very grateful to the house of Kapadvanj and the community members.

The last day began with the Holy Eucharist celebrated by Fr. Brain, in the homily he spoke about being generous and reaching out to others in need. Don Bosco Dakor, was their next destination. Arriving at Don Bosco Dakor, they were warmly welcomed by Fr. Alex, the Rector.

After some refreshments they were introduced to the house of Dakor by a visit to the school, the boarding and the PTC College. After lunch there was a value session by Fr. Glenn. A quick visit to two villages, Madipura and Ness with Fr Alex followed. They got a chance to meet the villagers and also see the village chapels. Fr. Alex told the group that one challenge the Salesians face in Dakor is to strengthen and sustain the faith of the Catholics there. After returning to Dakor house the boys played a football match against the Salesians, in which the Salesians won the match.

After supper Fr. Alex met the boys and spoke to them about the plans for building of the Dakor Parish Church. Fr. Brian in his homily during the mass invited the youth to be more generous with their lives.

The youngsters had a wonderful experience in the villages. They were able to understand the enormous work done by the Salesians there. A special word of thanks to Fr. Mayank for organizing the camp for us in Gujarat.


Romero D’Souza sdb

KARJAT, APRIL 4, 2011: The staff and the students of Don Bosco Technical Karjat and St Joseph’s Industrial Training Institute gathered in the TV room to support the Indian Team by viewing the World Cup Finals 2011, a match played between India and Sri Lanka. Every boundary and every single run was appreciated with a thundering clap and a loud scream. There was a moment when everyone was silent with their fingers crossed and hands joined when India needed sixteen runs from eighteen balls. Everyone jumped for joy when MS Dhoni gave a standing six to take the Championship Cup for India and his team.

All in all, it was a great victory for us Indians after 1983 win of the World Cup. And to add to this celebration we bring home trophies for the Man of the Match, MS Dhoni and for the Man of the Tournament, Yuvraj Singh. We salute Sachin Tendulkar for his selfless commitment for the Team and for India.

This brings to young hearts and young minds the passion to live for and the love to grow as one country, one nation and one family by the efforts, hard work, and by team work.




Romero D’Souza sdb
KARJAT, APRIL 4, 2011: Don Bosco Technical Karjat, hosted a Leadership and Personality Development camp, conducted for the students of St Joseph’s Industrial Training Institute from April 1 to April 3, 2011. Thirty five students attended the camp. The camp was coordinated by Mr. Royal D’Souza with the help of the staff Mr. Jimson, Mr. Walter, Mr. Patil, and Mr. Bhosle. It was a three day camp living out the theme “YOUTH FOR SELF DEVELOPMENT AND SOCIAL ACTION”. The goal of the camp was to set the mind and hearts of the students on fire by motivating them to do team-work and initiate them to be active leaders. This will be a seed that has been sown here in Karjat hopefully it will catch roots in their thinking and this seed will bear much fruits in the future.

The students had sessions on various topics such as Leadership, Team Building, Personality Development, Career Planning, Motivation & Goal, Time Management, Communication Skills etc. There were activities such as preparing aid-posters, charts of technical courses, learning to be eco-friendly, visits to Village Panchayat Office and Shradha Hospital. A short documentary film was screened on….Being an Indian and Being a youth and our Love for Mother India. The students also got a chance to watch the World cup finals played between India and Sri Lanka.

The bonfire session had moments filled with happiness, by way of programme we had students who enacted some theme based skits, songs, slogans and to add color to the bonfire we had singsongs, games and a gala time.

On the final day, Fr. Xavier Devadas conducted an outbound programme that consisted of events such as group bonding, team work, sharing and caring skills, learning to be sensitive to the other; nature as well as human beings which was an outcome seen in the making of the tents.

At the end, when the students were asked about their stay, they spoke positively about the place, the environment, the staff, and the hospitality and made an appeal for their second coming. All this only puts together that they had an enriching and enjoyable one.

Thanks to Fr. Xavier Devadas!!! Thanks to Karjat!!!


Patrick Corda
BOSCO WADI, APRIL 4, 2011: On April 2, 2011 a group of people from St Francis Parish Bandra (west), along with Fr. Vincent Thomas gathered together as one family to walk with the Lord on the road to Calvary, a Lenten program organized by Fr. Anthony Santarita and his team. The group arrived at 8.00 am and was welcomed by Fr. Ashwin who then led them all to the Grotto and stared with the station of the cross around Boscowadi. After the station of the cross a small break was given, followed by a talk on sin and repentance by Fr. Bastin Thomas.

A PowerPoint presentation was screened on the passion of Christ, immediately after this the Blessed Sacrament was exposed where Fr. Ashwin led the group into a time on repentance and preparation for confession. After confession the group was asked to write down their sins on a piece of paper and then walk in a procession towards the cross where they had to nail the paper onto the cross, after all had finished the group was asked to lift the cross and was led towards the beach. The wooden cross was then carried by the people to the sea shore where Fr. Ashwin and Fr. Bastin removed all the papers; burnt it and then put them into the sea. The group then had the lunch prepared for them and shared the wonderful experience that they had with Fr. Bastin and Fr. Ashwin. They also expressed their gratitude towards Fr. Anthony Santarita for making all the arrangements.

Saturday, April 2, 2011


Patrick Corda

BORIVLI, APRIL 2, 2011: On April 1, 2011 Don Bosco Technical Training Institute inaugurated the fifth batch of Sankalp, an Accenture and ITC Welcomgroup of Hotels and Resorts Hotel Management Training Program. The program started in the morning at 11.00 am with the lighting of the lamp by Fr. Anthony Santarita, Director BBH, Mr. Ankush Bagate, Director of DRDA, District Rural Development Agency Zilla Parishad Thane, Fr. Ashwin Mackwana, Prefect BBH, Ms. Deepa, Alumni Batch-4, Mr. Daynand Patil, Coordinator Development office BBH, Mr. Sanjay Mehta, Faculty MoRD BASE, Mr. Sachin Pyati, Faculty MoRD BASE and Mr. Patrick Corda, Faculty MoRD BASE.

Fr. Anthony Santarita welcomed the students and as the director of the institute shared his concern and support that he would like to provide on behalf of Don Bosco Technical Training Institute. He mentioned how the training would benefit them and the job opportunities that a city like Mumbai was offering. He mentioned few examples that the students of the last Batch had shared with him. He informed the students how Accenture and ITC Welcomgroup of Hotels and Resorts with DB Tech was supporting this project.

Mr. Ankush Bagate then informed the students about how he struggled in life to come up especially to learn English. He motivated the youth by sharing a few testimonies of well know business men who came up in life when they knew that they had nothing and still did not give up. He spoke to the students about the job opportunities that the city of Mumbai offers through the various organizations. Students from the fourth batch shared their experiences and informed the new comers to take the training program seriously and also the job opportunity that Don Bosco Technical Training Institute was helping out with.

Mr. Dayanand Patil then gave a vote of thanks.