Monday, April 4, 2011


Patrick Corda
BOSCO WADI, APRIL 4, 2011: On April 2, 2011 a group of people from St Francis Parish Bandra (west), along with Fr. Vincent Thomas gathered together as one family to walk with the Lord on the road to Calvary, a Lenten program organized by Fr. Anthony Santarita and his team. The group arrived at 8.00 am and was welcomed by Fr. Ashwin who then led them all to the Grotto and stared with the station of the cross around Boscowadi. After the station of the cross a small break was given, followed by a talk on sin and repentance by Fr. Bastin Thomas.

A PowerPoint presentation was screened on the passion of Christ, immediately after this the Blessed Sacrament was exposed where Fr. Ashwin led the group into a time on repentance and preparation for confession. After confession the group was asked to write down their sins on a piece of paper and then walk in a procession towards the cross where they had to nail the paper onto the cross, after all had finished the group was asked to lift the cross and was led towards the beach. The wooden cross was then carried by the people to the sea shore where Fr. Ashwin and Fr. Bastin removed all the papers; burnt it and then put them into the sea. The group then had the lunch prepared for them and shared the wonderful experience that they had with Fr. Bastin and Fr. Ashwin. They also expressed their gratitude towards Fr. Anthony Santarita for making all the arrangements.

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