Monday, April 4, 2011


Romero D’Souza sdb
KARJAT, APRIL 4, 2011: Don Bosco Technical Karjat, hosted a Leadership and Personality Development camp, conducted for the students of St Joseph’s Industrial Training Institute from April 1 to April 3, 2011. Thirty five students attended the camp. The camp was coordinated by Mr. Royal D’Souza with the help of the staff Mr. Jimson, Mr. Walter, Mr. Patil, and Mr. Bhosle. It was a three day camp living out the theme “YOUTH FOR SELF DEVELOPMENT AND SOCIAL ACTION”. The goal of the camp was to set the mind and hearts of the students on fire by motivating them to do team-work and initiate them to be active leaders. This will be a seed that has been sown here in Karjat hopefully it will catch roots in their thinking and this seed will bear much fruits in the future.

The students had sessions on various topics such as Leadership, Team Building, Personality Development, Career Planning, Motivation & Goal, Time Management, Communication Skills etc. There were activities such as preparing aid-posters, charts of technical courses, learning to be eco-friendly, visits to Village Panchayat Office and Shradha Hospital. A short documentary film was screened on….Being an Indian and Being a youth and our Love for Mother India. The students also got a chance to watch the World cup finals played between India and Sri Lanka.

The bonfire session had moments filled with happiness, by way of programme we had students who enacted some theme based skits, songs, slogans and to add color to the bonfire we had singsongs, games and a gala time.

On the final day, Fr. Xavier Devadas conducted an outbound programme that consisted of events such as group bonding, team work, sharing and caring skills, learning to be sensitive to the other; nature as well as human beings which was an outcome seen in the making of the tents.

At the end, when the students were asked about their stay, they spoke positively about the place, the environment, the staff, and the hospitality and made an appeal for their second coming. All this only puts together that they had an enriching and enjoyable one.

Thanks to Fr. Xavier Devadas!!! Thanks to Karjat!!!

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