Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Patrick Corda
UTTAN, APRIL 6, 2011: On April 4, 2011 hundred and sixty people experienced for the first time in their lives the Road to Calvary a Station of the Cross program specially organized for the Lenten season. The program was conducted by Fr. Anthony Santarita, Rector of Bosco Boys Home and his team. Bosco Wadi which was used for recreation programs is now blessed with a lot of spiritual activities and this is because of the continuous and tireless efforts of Fr. Bastin and Fr. Ashwin. The program began at 8.00 am and ended at 6.00pm in d evening. the sessions conducted by Fr. Bastin Thomas and Fr. Ashwin Mackwan were as follows: station of the cross, a PPT on the passion of Christ, confession, nailing the sins to the cross, carrying the cross to the sea shore, and distribution of the white veil cloth with the face of Jesus printed over it.

He programme went on well and every one devotionally participated in it. Fr. Alex Gonsalves from the parish of Arnahal thanked Fr. Anthony Santarita and his team for arranging such a wonderful program he said " The service was really heart touching and good, if it has touched the hearts of my youth and bought tears in their eyes, then it has also touched me too I am grateful that this time we chose Bosco Wadi for our Lenten station of the cross program”.

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