Monday, April 11, 2011


Nestor Fernandes
MUMBAI, APRIL 10, 2011: Alumni Animation Day was held at Don Bosco Provincial House, Matunga on 10th April 2011. The representatives from all the units of Mumbai were present. A big number of young alumni from Andheri joined the group. The program started with a warm welcome. Fr. Elias Dias celebrated the Holy Eucharist. In his homily he spoke on Death and New Life. He said we need each other to live this new life. Don Bosco gave new life to so many youngsters at his time.

Mr. Ketan Gala, the President of Alumni, Mumbai Province welcomed the participants and introduced Rev. Fr. Ajoy Fernandes, the Vice Provincial who spoke on the importance of words. Words can change a person. Dr. Marcus Emoto proved this theory with several experiments. Our body consists of 72% of water. Dr. Emoto showed by his experiments that words of love can change the molecules of water. He said, "The words of appreciation can change the personality of a person." He then gave a small exercise which showed appreciation of others.

Fr. Wilfred D'souza spoke on the visitation of the relics of Don Bosco in Mumbai. He asked the Past Pupils to: a) mobilize all the alumni; b) make a publicity of the visit of the relics; & c) organize a program of the past pupils in order to commemorate this visit. In the discussion that followed the alumni decided to have a common meeting of the Presidents of the alumni in order to discuss the program of the visit of the relics of Don Bosco. They also discussed the identity cards of the alumni. The President spoke on the National Election of the alumni in the month of June 2011.

Fr. Elias Dias thanked the Past Pupils for their love, affection and co-operation. He asked them not to fight for power but for service and remain united in order to fulfill the mission of Don Bosco. He also told them to love Don Bosco not only in words but in their actions and life. Mr. Ketan Gala thanked the speakers, members of the Provincial House and all those who attended.

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