Monday, April 18, 2011


Patrick Corda
MUMBAI, BORIVLI, APRIL 15, 2011: On the 12th of April 2011 there were around one hundred and sixty people who had witnessed the passion of Christ through participating in the station of the cross, a Lenten program organized at Bosco Wadi. There were two groups who had separate sessions. Girgaum parish the first group, of forty came in the morning and had separate sessions from 8.00 am to 12.00pm. Sacred Heart parish Worli, the second group of 120 came in the afternoon from 01.00 pm to 05.00pm. Both the groups had young, old, and children, who actively participated in the journey of, the passion of Christ. From the top of the mountain, they came residing the 14 stations of the Passion of Christ. It wasn't an easy journey for many because of the humid climate. Inspite of being so hot, there were many elderly people who couldn't walk but their faith and their love for Jesus Christ made it possible. Many were found kneeling at some junction. On seeing a woman kneeling during the station of the cross i went and asked her how she could kneel in that heat, and lots of stones. The lady answered “If He could do so much for me, why couldn't I do a little for him."
Both the groups had the same sessions:- Clippings of the movie passion of Christ, Confession, nailing of the sins on the wooden cross. Many of them had already seen the movie Passion of Christ but never knew that behind some of the clipping, there was something the film maker Mel Gibson was trying to show. Fr. Bastin and Fr. Ashwin explained well on the selected 14 slides. One of the parishioner from Worli parish who is a film critic came forward to thank and said " I am a film critic and i have seen this movie many a times but today Fr. Bastin has bought light in the slides shown and let me out of the darkness which even I wasn't aware of." On speaking to a few people after the service Christopher said “I have been to this place almost 12 years back, it was different from what I see now. There is a tremendous change we would certainly come again." A Lady by the name of Reena from Charni Road who came for the service said " Every year we used to go for Station of the Cross service to different parishes, but this time it is different I could only see the Cross for many of the services that I have attended but this time I got the chance to lift the Cross, and this was really amazing and a memorable experience. Peedu from the same parish said" The place is good, the service is good and most of all the money that you have charged for food is nothing compared to the memories that you all have put into our hearts and minds. We will certainly come again."

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