Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Bento D’Souza

NAGAR, APRIL 18, 2011: From April 8– 9, 2011, nineteen Salesians met in the Audio Visual Conference room at Provincial House to deliberate on the issue: Does Bosco-Mumbai Province need Aid from foreign sources and for how long?
Fr M C George, Director of the National Bosco Network, India, at the request of Fr. Ajoy and Fr. Elson, came over. He spent two days animating us on the reality of the intended project which puts impact on the Salesian way of life. He was facilitated by Mrs. Nisha Purshottam of “Think Strategic India”, based in Bangalore and funded by Cordaid. Against the session on Brand making, Salesian re-branded their lives and articulated their own version of what SDB proudly meant of them.

The movers and shakers of Salesian Projects, stalwarts and freshers, like the Deacons, from Pune joined hands to work on themselves and their brand. This is what they expressed in terms of the Title SDB and Self-Directions. Profiling oneself is a worthwhile experience and does help to see ourselves in a crystal clear perspective.

Being a Salesian of Don Bosco is an explosive power-packed title. Being in the Salesian Team-Mumbai Province is an energizing experience. The authenticity of the title SDB comes from working consistently with the target group, the voiceless poor and the marginalized young adults at risk around the neighborhood of the Salesian Institutions and not for just those in it. All those who attended felt that the Think Strategic seminar was an eye-opener to the fact that foreign funds will end at some time or other, so forewarned is forearmed. Its impact was a change in mid-set for all.

Thanks, Fr. Maria Arokiam for installing the National Bosco Net, India and the Provincial Council for executing the vision to the T. “Wealth for all, poor as well as rich through imparting skills, literacy and education by the SDB’s.”

In a nutshell, the workshop taught us the 5 T’s: Think, Test, Trust, Thank and Transform.

Being a Salesian today is being ‘HOT’, Honest, Open and Transparent! Is it not?

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