Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Francis Fernandes MUMBAI, APRIL 20, 2011:  On nineteenth of April the boys of Maria Ashiana were too excited. For the past 4 days, they were being trained by Bro. Ranson, Bro. Ajit,  Francis Sir and Vidya Madam on how to pitch a tent, about the various knots, Baden Powell, the Scouts & Guides anthem and prayer song.  Today, all the build up was to become a reality.

Thirty boys were divided into 3 patrols. Each had prepared posters on their patrol name, selected boys went about pitching their tents, beautifying the area, making projects, and preparing for the inauguration.  Some of them were learning to march and  salute for the first time in their lives. We were fortunate to have, the delegate of Groups and Movements of the Province, Fr.Edwin Colaco come to inaugurate the      ” Go Green” scout camp which was held from nineteenth to twenty first  April 2011.  After hoisting the flag and declaring the camp open, he gave an inspiring speech on the importance of caring for the environment, water, plants, electricity, etc. He taught them a few yells and claps and spoke of Baden Powells’ moto and to be prepared for the service of others. He then went around inspecting the 3 patrols and encouraged them to make creative projects and make use of the opportunity to learn as many new items as possible.

The boys took their task seriously and went right deeply into the scouting activites. Each patrol had decided to save water and plant a few saplings as an   offer before the camp ends.

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