Friday, April 29, 2011


Cl. Mylin Noronha

ALIRAJPUR, APRIL 25, 2011: On Easter Monday, fifty eight students of Jhabua diocese arrived in Alirajpur to participate in the Annual English Camp.  The camp was being organized by the salesians and the sisters of the SSpS congregation, for those students who had done well in the entrance exam. This was a great initiative taken by the Diocese of Jhabua.

For many students it was a very crucial moment because they were leaving their home for the first time to enter into an environment that was very different.  However, they were aware of the fact that the camp was an essential part of the admission process to enter the school of excellence program.  It aimed at selecting, guiding and providing opportunities to the best students in the diocese to come up in life and contribute to the progress of their families, society and diocese.

The theme of this year annual camp was ‘Follow Your Dreams’. During a short welcome programme in the evening, the theme was elaborated by the camp incharge – Fr. Francis Fernandes.   He stressed on the importance of dreaming big and then bending every energy towards bringing them to their fulfillment. He promised the children that the camp would be a wonderful experience for them if they put their heart into the various activities that would be organized for them – the classes, games, competitions, outings and other talent enhancing activities.

The camp was preceded by a hectic week of planning by the co-ordinator - Dn Osborn Furtado and his enthusiastic team to take care of every detail of the camp with great precision. Definitely the zeal and passion shown by the organizers and the participants will ensure that the camp was a success so that the children receive an experience that they will treasure for a long time.

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