Friday, April 29, 2011


Patrick Corda
MUMBAI, BORIVALI, APRIL 28, 2011:  On April 28, 2011, Don Bosco Technical Training institute arranged a two hours session in Wine Training, a program conducted by UB Groups & Tulleho Beverage Innovations, supported by Four Seasons Hotel Pvt. Ltd.
The session started in the morning at 11.30 am where around eighty five students of Sankalp Batch-5 and of the MoRD Batch-3 Hotel Management, attended the session. Mr. Clive Castelino Training Manager- Wines of UB Group, United Spirits Limited started the session with a power point presentation on wines. Patrick Corda coordinator of Accenture Sankalp program welcomed Mr. Clive Castelino and explained how helpful he had been to the Institute by sharing his knowledge on wines. Mr. Clive introduced himself to the class and mentioned that he was always ready to share his knowledge on wines. He explained what is wine, types of wine, viticulture, soil, how to taste wine etc. the entire session took at least one hour.
After the presentation it was time for the wine bottles to be opened. Sixty glasses of white wine and red wine were ready, and the students were just waiting to sip the wine. When all the students had a glass in their hands Mr. Clive told them to take it easy and relish every drop of the wine, he showed them the following steps, the 3-S which is See, Swirl, and Sip,  and the moment they finished swirling they just sipped it and you should have seen their faces. Every one enjoyed the training more than they enjoyed drinking it. A vote of thanks was given to the Trainers by Fr. Anthony Santarita, Director of the institute. He told the students that the training would benefit, if they put into practice what ever had been taught during the session.
At the end Fr. Anthony Santarita said,  “Come to me all those who are thirsty” and I will give you Wine.

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