Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Fr. Joaquim Fernandes sdb 
MATUNGA, MAY 30, 2011:On May 24, 2011 at 6:30 p.m. during the feast of Mary Help of Christians thousands of devotees participated in the Eucharistic celebration on the grounds of Don Bosco’s Shrine. Tej-Prasarini, Don Bosco Communications celebrated the occasion by releasing “Pray Sing – Hymns for liturgical & paraliturgical services, Vol II ”  twelve spiritual Compact discs co-ordinated by Fr. Joaquim Fernandes sdb and Amon Daniels  and Meditative Spirituals by George Daniels  released by Rev Fr. Edwin D’souza sdb the Rector of the Shrine of Don Bosco’s Madonna.  Fr. Joaquim Fernandes   immensely thanked all the people responsible for this magnanimous production and that this whole project was placed at the feet our Blessed Mother.  Have faith and trust in Mary Help of Christians and you will see what miracles are.

Pray Sing a hymnal for liturgical and paraliturgical services was prepared by Fr. Peter Gonsalves sdb- the first director of Tej-Prasarini- this proved to be a catalyst to Fr. Joaquim Fernandes who further initiated the project in improving the hymnal.  Convinced that parish singing could be enhanced, he felt that choir-masters/ song leaders and parishioners ought to be provided with a reliable music- notation guide and songs sung according to music.  He embarked on this laborious journey by enlisting the services of the Salesian priests – Fr. Kenneth Pereira, Fr. Alyoysious Furtado and Fr. Blany Pinto - musically talented Salesians along with professionals and eleven parishes young and old who took part in this gigantic task of practicing and singing.  It was indeed a collaborative effort for the past six years with hundred and sixty singers from the various parishes in Mumbai.
Parish priest, choir and song leaders and those who love music could own a copy to teach, guide and lead the congregation to a more fruitful singing thereby helping them to understand the meaning of “He who sings well, prays twice”.   The spiritual compact discs consist of   two hundred and thirty eight songs in Volume I and nearly three hundred songs in Volume II. It is a good spiritual album to relax and connect to God. 
As a special offer the original price  for Pray Sing – Hymns for liturgical & paraliturgical services Vol I and II cost Rs 750 each/-  and the other album Meditative Spirituals cost Rs 100/- there is a ten percent  discount for both the productions until June 14, 2011.  These productions are available at Tej-Prasarini, Don Bosco Communications Bookstore: P.B. 16. 637, Matunga, Mumbai -19, Tel: 8082040355/24150680.  Kindly log on to the website: www.tejonline.com to book your copies or email us at: tej_dbc@vsnl.net


Patrick Corda
BORIVILI, MAY 31, 2011: Fire fighting equipment is mandatory in every residential building and so in every Technical Training Institute. We are so accustomed to see the red coloured fire extinguishers rusting away in some corner of our premises; perhaps we gather some information regarding fire extinguishers in the initial stages of our training and then forget about it altogether. At Bosco Boys Home we have approximately two hundred and forty students undergoing training in various trades such as Motor Mechanic, A/C Refrigeration, Electrician, and Hotel Management. A surprise test on how to operate a fire extinguisher was conducted.

On May 30, 2011 Don Bosco Technical Training Institute organized a fire fighting demonstration in the campus at 3.30 pm. Dayanand Patil the Development Officer got the place organized and introduced Mr. Bruno D’mello from Agni Corporation. Students of Accenture/ITC, MoRD, and Sankalp project assembled on the ground according to their class where in Mr. Bruno Dmello informed them about the types of fire and fire extinguisher's, he then took a cylinder in his hand and showed them how to operate it, demonstrating the right way to put the fire off. After brief information a fire was lit and the cylinder was handed over to a girl and a boy as per the weight of the cylinder and they were asked to put the fire off. The students not only learnt about the different kinds of extinguishers, their chemical compositions, etc but also learnt how to operate those extinguishers. The entire exercise was very interactive, practical and the students participated whole heartedly.

Monday, May 30, 2011


Fr. Brian Moras sdb 
MATUNGA, MAY 30, 2011:  To celebrate the Year of the Youth in a meaningful manner, Don Bosco Youth Services at Matunga had various innovative programs for youth right through the year. Among the many- ‘Retreatainment’, a Retreat for Youth through the use of Inspiring Movies was well appreciated; ‘Jordan Call’, a Youth Recollection to prepare for Christmas received a good response. ‘The Salesian Youth Fest, a youth festival for college and working youngsters’ too was a big hit this year with youngsters from Pune and Nashik joining us for the event. Education to Love and Personality Development programs were conducted in some colleges and among parish youngsters.
During summer, we had six Youth Camps which catered to different groups and their needs. The camp to the mission areas of Gujarat helped the youngsters to get in touch with a new culture, to interact with a wide range of people, to realize how blessed they really are. The visit to the villages gave them  an insight into the life of simple villagers. The youngsters were amazed at how generous the villagers were as they hosted us for dinner and interacted with us over a program in the evening. This helped ignite the desire in them to reach out to the people in the Mission in some manner. 
The two Leadership camps at our renovated campsite at Boscowadi, Uttan was a thrilling experience.  Living in tents, working in teams, sharing responsibilities and challenging each other to give their very best was an experience in growth.  Sessions conducted over the four days helped the youngsters become aware of their untapped talents. The creative Eucharistic celebrations, meaningful rosaries and the labyrinth prayer exercise helped them get in touch with their spiritual side; the trek  to the light house was memorable, the daily  tournaments and swims helped to enhance their competitive spirits,  the grand camp-fire was a well prepared moment of creative innovativeness.
The Youth Pasch or Youth Easter Retreat for college and working boys and girls during the Holy Week was a moment of intense experience of the Paschal Mysteries.  The youngsters bonded well, and also got a deeper understanding of Christ and His deep love for each one of them. This YP group also serves as a good support group for the youngsters down the years!
Finally, the two vocation camps at Don Bosco Lonavla for seniors and juniors helped the youngsters discern their Call in life. Fifty youngsters have opted to join Lonavla for Junior College and a few for Std. VIII and IX, to continue their studies and also to better understand God’s plan in their lives. A few of these may eventually join to become Salesian Priests/Brothers. 
Kudos to the Salesian team of Priests and Brothers who organized these programs.
“OUR YEAR, OUR VOICE” has been the clarian call to this grace filled year of youth.  As a grand completion to this year, a few of the Salesians and youth from our Province are preparing to take part in the World Youth Day in Madrid- Spain in the month of August.
God you are great and we are grateful.  Thank you for your promise namely that... “I have good plans for you, plans for your success and not for disaster, plans to give you a future filled with hope”. Help us to respond with daring faith and courage to this wonderful gift of life you have given us.


Patrick Corda 
BORIVILI, MAY 30, 2011: Fr. Anthony Santarita, the director of the Don Bosco Technical Training Institute announced the girls Volley Ball Tournament on May 28, 2011. The girls are currently going through their hotel management training program funded by Accenture and ITC welcomgroup. Mr. Dayanand Patil made all the arrangements by getting the ground organized and distributing the players into two separate teams. Team A was under the captaincy of Sonam and Team B under Sonali, both the teams had six players on each side.

At 3.30 pm Patrick Corda called both the captains and opened the game by flicking the coin. It was a sight to watch as the cheer boys encouraged the girls by singing, “Girls don't know how to play volley ball.” this motivated the girls and we could see a tough game. It was a game of best of three, the first two sets were a tie, and the final set was an interesting one where you could see the girls literally attempting every ball. The match came to an end and it was Team A who lifted up the rolling trophy which was presented by Deepak Lala, the F& B service faculty. The students especially the girls had a wonderful time.

Big thanks to Fr. Anthony Santarita and Mr. Dayanand Patil for organizing such an event.

Saturday, May 28, 2011


Gayatree Joshi 
WADALA, MAY 28, 2011:  To stay cool on a hot summer’s day in Mumbai is difficult, so we drived ourselves to the Kundalika river near Roha called Kolad, a beautiful campsite in the Maharashtrian Ranges.  The boys of Shelter participated in a five day Water Sports and Adventure camp with www.quest-asia.com. It was one of the best ways to help them develop & bring in a holistic change. The package included activities like river rafting, kayaking, river crossing, jungle walk, trekking, cooking, flying fox and camping.

The CEO of Quest, Mr. Jehan Driver and his team were extremely pleased to see the happy faces at the campsite. He is also supporting two past pupils Govinda Hivrale and Shiva Das by training them as Adventure Instructors. He also guided the boys with different skills and techniques used in this sport. Mr. Jehan Driver is ready to help the boys interested to make their career in the Adventure industry. The boys had a wonderful and amazing experience and are now waiting for a Monsoon Blast at Quest...

Thursday, May 26, 2011


Patrick Corda 
BORIVILI, MAY 26, 2011: On May 26, 2011the students of MoRD Hotel Management training program visited Mc Donald's “A fast food Restaurant” in Borivali West. The moment we reached the restaurant we were welcomed by Mr. Arvind Kholi the shift manager who led the students to the corner of the outlet which is normally used for training purpose or birthday parties.

 Mr Arvind then introduced himself and informed the students about his position and the role that he played. He mentioned that Don Bosco Technical Training Institute has been very helpful in providing students for the past one year who are working with Mc Donald's and the performance of all these fifteen students were great. He then explained the routine of the restaurant and the timings; he mentioned that the main client's were youngsters, and children.

He then explained the type of menu that the restaurant offered, their specialty. He gave a few menus to go through and then asked the students to follow him to the kitchen, where they went through various sections like the Burger counter, French fries counter, soft drinks counter, and the ice-cream counter. The students had a wonderful time; they were all excited when Mr. Arvind gave them a tray full of Mac Aaloo Tikki Burger.

Mr. Patrick gave the vote of thanks and appreciated the support that Don Bosco Technical Training Institute received from Mr. Rajesh Verma the Outlet In charge, he also thanked the Director of the Institute Fr. Anthony Santarita for organizing the field trip and sponsoring the burgers and Mr. Dayanad Patil for making all the arrangements. He appreciated the way Mr. Arvind provided knowledge to the students about Mc Donald's. All the students sat with old Mc Donald and clicked a photograph; they also had a ride on the bike as delivery boys.

The day at Mc Donald's will never be forgotten thanks to, DB Tech and Fr. Anthony Santarita who sees that the best is given to every student who puts his/her feet in the institute. He always mentions, “The students should be given the best when they leave this place they should remember it wherever they go, this is what Don Bosco has taught us".


Glenford Lowe sdb 
MATUNGA, MAY 26, 2011:Salesians in great numbers, together with friends and relatives and members of the Salesian Family, witnessed the final profession of Brother Royston Colaco at the Shrine of Mary, Help of Christians on May 24, 2011, during a Solemn Eucharistic Celebration by Fr. Michael Fernandes, Provincial of the Mumbai Province. Brother Royston Colaco was accompanied by his parents, while Fr. Ajoy and Fr. Michael Mascarenhas stood as witnesses.

 The Feast of Mary, Help of Christians is always a special day in the vocational journey of every Salesian. It is a day when young Salesians make their first profession, renew their Vows or make their Perpetual Profession. The Salesians of the Mumbai Province were specially blessed this year with the perpetual profession of Brother Royston Colaco. Brotherhood is a unique vocation. These men are called coadjutor brothers. In the Salesian Society, brothers and priests live and work together in a common mission to young people.

‘The Salesian Brother: Don Bosco’s genial creation of Don Bosco’ was a theme that ran all through the Solemn service.  Fr. Michael Fernandes took the opportunity to thank the parents of Royston for their generosity and warmly welcomed Royston as a perpetually professed member into the Salesian Congregation. The youthful choir of Our Lady of Dolours added to the solemnity.

At the reception that followed, Brother Royston took the opportunity to thank God, his parents and the many Salesians who journeyed with him towards this great day. With this perpetual profession and three other first professions to the Coadjutor Brotherhood, may the prayers of Brother P.M Thomas continue to lead many more youngsters to respond to God’s invitation in the Salesian mission with the young.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Anthony Patole sdb 
MUMBAI, MAY 25, 2011:  Shelter Don Bosco on May 23, 2011, at 9.30 am witnessed the inauguration of the English Speaking course. The chief guest Fr. Elson Barretto lit the candle in the presence of Fr. William, Fr. Ashwin, volunteers from Times of India and staff members of shelter.  Fr. Elson encouraged the boys to learn the language which would benefit them in the future.
Fr. William spoke about the importance of English in today’s world especially in India. He also said that knowledge is power.
Shelter is very grateful to the Times of India for organizing this course and motivating the boys and past pupils to learn and speak this international language which has grown more and more important in day to day life
Shelter is looking forward to this course and the great opportunities for the in boys and past pupils of the shelter.

Monday, May 23, 2011


William Falcao sdb
WADALA, MAY 23, 2011:On Sunday May 22, the members of Junior Legion of Mary of St. Ignatius Church, Jacob Circle, spent time with the boys of Shelter. They played party games with the boys, taught them action songs and conducted a general knowledge quiz in which the boys took part with great excitement. It was an enriching and thrilling experience for the youth of St. Ignatius Church as well for the Shelter boys. Before leaving, the youth treated the boys with tasty snacks. In a parting message Fr. William encouraged the youth by saying that the event was like cool breeze in this hot sultry weather. It was refreshing to see the youth spending their quality Sunday leisure time with the children who needed it most. The youth left Shelter with a picture of Bl. Teresa of Kolkata, the patroness of Christian Social Work, as a Souvenir. 

Saturday, May 21, 2011


PUNE, MAY 21, 2011:On May 18 and May 19, 2011 Bosco Samajik Sanstha organized a two day awareness programme in collaboration with Labour Welfare Center for domestic workers. The programme was on Health awareness, Law awareness, Superstitions, Govt. schemes for the labours.

Fr. George Miranda, BSS Director, Mr. S.B. Ramtake, Education officer Labour Welfare, Advocate Anupama Joshi, Dr. Sunita Chaudhari, Mr. S. N. Sinnarkar and Smt. Sulbha Shirsagar were present for this programme.
Fr. George Miranda welcomed all the resource persons and women and wished them luck to learn for a better life. On the first day the session was taken by Adv. Anupama Joshi. She spoke on the various provision and Acts for women; that are:
Ø  Domestic violence
Ø  Marriage Acts (Hindu, Muslim, Christian)
Ø  Court Marriage
Ø  Dowry system and Acts
Ø  Divorce
Ø  Marriage settlement & maintenance

Mr. S. B. Ramtake took the second session. He spoke about labour welfare schemes govt. schemes for the labour and domestic workers. On the Second day Dr. Sunita Chaudhari took the health awareness session. The topics were:
Ø  Women’s health problems and precautions
Ø  Bad habits of women (Tobaco etc.)
Ø  Cleanliness
Ø  Proper diet
Ø  Immunization to the children
The second session was taken by Mr. S. N. Sinnarkar. He spoke about superstition and cleared the concepts of black magic, ghost and many other activities done by babas with practical. He also performed some magic. He proved that there is no such thing as black magic but some scientific reasons behind it. He also spoke about psychology of human hypnotism etc.
About forty women were selected from domestic workers, rag pickers, etc and were given Rs 200/- each for the loss of their daily wages. The amount was distributed by Fr. George Miranda.
In the last session Fr. George Miranda said that they can only bring opportunity to the women, but it is in their hands how they implement it in the development of their family, they have to learn more and more in order to live a better life.


William Falcao sdb 
WADALA, MAY 21, 2011: On May 11, 2011 Shelter Don Bosco organized a two days orientation cum training programme at Methodist Church, Mumbai Central with the World Vision, which is working for the street children for the last five years.  The objective of this orientation cum training programme was the capacity building of the participants as well as networking with this NGO.
On the first day, the Shelter staff and the participants of World Vision were introduced, followed by a power point presentation on, ‘The World of Street children’. The participants were briefed about the functionalities of Child Welfare Committee, Juvenile Justice Board and the various rights of children. 
The post lunch session focused on different Shelter activities as well as the presentation of ‘Homelink ‘software as a documentation and networking tool. 
By narrating experiences of different addictive habits of street boys, more emphasis was laid on how and why street boys should be helped and counseled so that they should not fall prey to addictions. 
‘An empty mind is a devil’s workshop’. At Shelter through the hobby center, boys are taught how to cultivate their hobbies during leisure time so that their talents and skills are utilized in a constructive and proper manner.
The participants enjoyed the movie, ‘Star for a Cause’ which focused on the actual life of the street boys. They found it very interesting and were really touched by it. ants of World Vision were given a brief orientation about the different outreach strategies and rapport building processes on
On the second day, the participthe street.  They were then taken for an outreach to CST, Dadar and Mahim.  The participants were quite thrilled to see the lives on the street as well as Shelter’s approach with the street boys.
The programme manager commented, ‘It was a great learning and growing experience to be with the Shelter’.  The participants too found it very fruitful and enriching

Thursday, May 19, 2011


William Falcao sdb  
WADALA, MAY 19, 2011: Ms. Melhhart from BMZ, (Ministry of Economic Cooperation, Germany) visited Shelter Don Bosco. Her visit to the Rural and Urban India was an eye opener for her to the world of Social work and Services that the Don Bosco institutions provide to the marginalized. Overwhelmed with the work at Shelter, she appreciated the way the boys at Shelter have progressed in their lives and have bigger aspirations and dreams.

Ms. Melhhart and the TDH (Terre Des Holmes) team attended the Monthly Mela organized at Don Bosco Medical center, Dadar gala. Seventy five street boys participated in this Mela. Ms. Melhhart also spent her valuable time at Shelter Don Bosco Wadala, where the boys gave her a terrific depiction of the activities in Shelter through a skit. After a sumptuous lunch, the team headed to the Group home living/after care program in Andheri. With heartfelt gratitude and love the team of Shelter thanked them for their support and concern towards this great cause.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Bro. Rixson
VASAI, MAY 18, 2011: Frs. Vishwas and Reggie along with Deacon Rixson and Cleric Mayron conducted an English castle for the Marathi Medium School and College Students of the Vasai Diocese at Jyoti Mata Church. The camp commenced on May 11 and ended on May 15. The primary aim of this camp was to teach them English and to help them discover their vocation.
Three boys from this camp were sent to Lonavla and one was selected. Initially the camp began with a small number of sixteen students but as it progressed, four more students enrolled themselves.  By the end we had altogether twenty boys attending this English castle. The average age of the students was sixteen. Most of them had appeared for their Std X exam.
The day began with an English mass followed by breakfast and classes. In the afternoon, the students had their conversation, loud reading and computer classes. During the course, the children were allowed to go home on Saturday afternoon after their weekly exam and were asked to report back on Sunday evening. The students were appreciated for their weekly test, as they were given prizes and points for their improved performances. During the course, we had various activities such as animated games, singing competition, advertisement competition, skit competitions and nite games were well animated and were in a great demand. After the final examination, the students were taken to Rohan’s Water Park at Wada.
The last day was reserved for a special programme where the parents of the students and the teachers were invited. After the morning mass, we had a cultural programme followed by the distribution of prizes and certificates. The students went away with a heavy heart but they promised us that they would be always with Don Bosco. As Caligrio who told Don Bosco “Monk or no Monk, I will be always with Don Bosco.”  With the help of the teachers and the parishioners, the camp was a great success

Monday, May 16, 2011


Cl. Ranson sdb 
LONAVALA, MAY 16, 2011: The vocation camp began with a lot of excitement and enthusiasm on May 3, 2011 and concluded on May 12, 2011 leaving fond memories of Don Bosco Lonavala in the hearts and minds of the young. Eighty seven youngsters from different Parishes of Mumbai, Thane, Pune and Ahmednagar took part, of which forty boys formed the Senior group comprising of Std. XI, Post XII and post Graduates, and forty seven boys formed the Junior group comprising of Std. VIII, IX and X. The camp was well planned and organized under the baton of Fr. Ajoy, the Vice-Provincial of Mumbai Province with his team of Fathers, Brothers, volunteers and the House of Lonavala.
The camp began with the boys getting to know something about each other. Each one of the campers took a commitment that they would fulfill during the days of the camp. Each day of the camp focused on a particular passage from the Gospel. Day one focused on the Parable of the Talents which highlighted the fact that God has blessed each one of us with gifts of nature and grace. Day two focused on Jesus feeding the five thousand which showed us that each of us has a unique gift and that we have to be generous with what we have more by giving off ourselves than the material things that we possess. To this effect, all the boys displayed their talents and skills in the show “Thirty Seconds to Fame”. Day three focused on the parable of the Good Samaritan which encouraged each one to reach out and help others especially those in need. To this effect the boys had an outreach program where in they put a lot of hard work physically helping in the village. It was a wonderful experience which brought them in terms with the fact that as Catholics we ought to think first of others just like Jesus who died for us on the Cross. Day four focused on the Walk to Emmaus which encouraged us to experience Jesus in our life and share that wonderful experience with whoever we meet. On the concluding night the campers took another commitment that they would fulfill after they returned to their respective homes and Parishes.
Thus all in all the campers had an experience of the four dimensions of the Salesian Youth Ministry. Indeed it was for them a deep and touching experience of being in a Home, a School, a Church and a Playground wherein they learnt how to live in peace, happiness and joy. This camp was indeed for all of them an experience of a lifetime.
Thanks to all the Vocation Promoters of the different regions without whom this camp would not be possible.

Following are two poems written by one of the campers Cletus D’Souza of std XII during the camp
There Is a Fine String
There is a fine string between right and loving,
The right asks justification but love keeps sacrificing.
Often separate from each other, we tend to choose right over loving,
Obeying God’s laws, but His will disobeying.

There is a fine string between kindness and loving.
Kindness only brings us closer but love is uniting.
We be kind at times, for the heck of doing it,
But when done lovingly, miracles start flowing from it.

There is a fine string between loving and winning.
Winning gives us satisfaction whereas joy comes from loving.
Because in the end it’s not about how many tournaments we have won,
But rather it is about how many loving deeds we have done.

There is a fine string in between indicating a great divide.
That makes love stand, victoriously on the other side.
There is fine string in between that shows the loving way to do,
This is the fine string that binds me with you

-Cletus D’souza

I came for this camp, called Vocations
With no plan of joining this year, in my mind.
I was confused in my thoughts and needed intervention
From someone who was holy and divine

I gave to Mary, all my options and ways
She answered to me, “You’ll know in these five days.”
The first day I observed, many of us were called,
But the question about myself was still not solved.

The second day to us, our talents were exposed,
We realized that we were much more blessed, than what we supposed.
First, the door of my sorrows was shut and sealed.
All my deepest wounds of the soul were miraculously healed.

The works made us tired, but our minds became active
To god’s one sided conversation, we became reactive.
Like thunder and lightning we collectively played our games
Restoring our coverage, obtained 30 seconds to fame.

Through prayer services we discovered our mission
Sessions inspired us to be the Good Samaritan.
We did hard work in our outreach,
Our Gospel of life, through our works we preach.

The life of Saints has inspired us very well,
The call of God, in us now dwells,
Finally now the questions in our minds, that revolved
Through the intersession of Mary, have now been solved
In this institution of the Salesians,
We thank you Lord, for revealing our Vocation.

- Cletus D’souza

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Joaquim Fernandes sdb 
TRIUCHY, MAY 11, 2011: We Salesians are into communication not because we are trained in communication or want to produce goods of communications, rather we become communicators because of the burning love for our Risen Savior within us and whom we want to present to the world and the young, said Fr. Filiberto Gonzalez Plasencia sdb, General Councilor for Social Communications.
Fr. Filiberto was addressing the delegates of the South Asia Salesian Social Communication Delegates Meet (SASSCom) at Tiruchy which was held from May 1 to May 5, 2011.  The Social Communication delegates from the various Provinces attended the meeting along with the representatives of the FMA and Youth Ministry delegates.
You have not chose God He has chosen YOU to work for the young.  Enlightening the delegates on the importance of communication especially for the Salesians in the On-going formation he said, as communicators we are working together to benefit the young.  We must never forget at anytime that we are Salesians first whether we are writing an email or running a printing press.  The center of communication should always be the love of Christ.  The youth ministry, the mission and the social communication department needs to work together to fulfill the mission of Christ and Don Bosco.
Speaking on the changing times the General Councilor for Social Communications added, some confreres in our congregation lose focus because they are buried in their computers and gadgets.  This resulted in them not just being involved in the sins against chastity, rather it turned them into individualists, egoistic people who were disconnected from people and especially the young.  Their lives were no more authentic or true or centered around the love of God and the mission to spread His love among the young.  Advising the delegates gathered Fr. Filiberto said, keep your values strong and your spirit even stronger rooted in a deeper spirituality, this is the on-going formation.
In the days that followed, discussions and presentations were held to share and assist each other in making social communications effective in our provinces and at the national level.  It was collectively felt that it was high time that the Salesians especially from South Asia take up seriously the deliberations of the GC 26 which emphasizes the changing situations and new playgrounds that have moved the young from a more traditional playgrounds to a virtual world where they are exposed to a lot of opportunities and dangers at the same time.  As Salesian communicators it has become inevitable that we enter into this world in order to form and guide them and especially to evangelize them.

Besides the discussions, the delegates and representatives from the eleven provinces presented their plans for social communication in their respective provinces. Discussions on collaborations, networking and working together as one region were also taken up. 
The Secretary for Department of Social Communications, Fr. Julian Fox presented the newly formulated guidelines for the Salesian Congregation; the Salesian Social Communication System. The vision and mission of the congregation, the strategic objectives on Animation, Formation, Information and Production.  The processes and their policies in planning, development and advancement and the support and integration of all our centers.  He also presented various patterns followed around the world for a more effective communication and proposed for discussion some key features that could be adopted or followed in this region for a more effective communications.  Fr. Julian recommended that it is almost mandatory that every province take up the issue of setting up an official Public
Relations Officer (PRO) He also conducted an input session on the use of Free/Libre Open Software Solutions (FLOSS) as a more convinced way of using the computer programme that is free of privacy and more still as a witness to what we profess and live.
On a lighter side the delegates and representatives together with the major superiors visited AMSAM, Aligah-Don Bosco media and Thanjavur the first Salesian presence in India.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Bro. Ranson 
LONAVLA, MAY 10, 2011:The Vocation Camp for the senior boys at Lonavla saw an array of Salesian works being presented to the vocation probables. From Fr. Vice-Provincial's inspiring animation with his team, Fr. Rector and the Lonavla Community along with Frs. Brian, Glenn and Bros. Michale, Macenroe and Ranson and some PNC boys. The four days were filled with action and serious thought to make the right choice.

Frs. Xavier and Allwyn Misquitta inspired them on ecology and the mission in Karjat, and on the ways to praise and worship. Bro. Alex and Bro. Savio Dmello showed the hands on approach of the lay brother and Fr. Barnabe gave a dimension on the Social involvement of the Salesian, in the streets, slums and the villages and Research perspective that is important for our apostolate influence at a wider level.

One of the features was the visit and experience at Maria Ashiana where the vocation probables interacted and had a great time with the children, and spent the whole afternoon to evening at Kunegaon village. Groups of young probables were seen digging drains along with Fr. Glenn, Bros. Michale and Macenroe. Some groups went around door to door with Frs. Ajoy, Barnabe and Brian with charts and explanations on Health and Hygiene, Preventive Medicine, Savings and the importance of Education.

The reflections that evening on the visit to the village were deep and profound. For many a young vocation probable, this was an entirely new dimension of a Salesian vocation.

Kudos to Fr. Ajoy and his team for a very different vocation camp that brought out the works and the Salesians as models for these young candidates.

Monday, May 9, 2011


Patrick Corda
BORIVILI, MAY 9, 2011: Don Bosco Technical Training Institute, Borivili celebrated Mothers Day. A program specially organized by Fr. Anthony Santarita, the Director of the Institute for the parents of the students of Sankalp Batch-5 who are training in Hotel Management supported by Accenture, ITC Welcomgroup of Hotels, and DB Tech. The main purpose of this program was to have a meeting with the parents and to deliver the progress of the students in the thirty six days of the three months training program.

Since the program was held on May 8, that is Mothers Day, the Director thought about making it special. The program was very well organized under the guidance and supervision of the Director. He personally sat with the students preparing the scripts, guiding them in their dance practice and other arrangements.

The day started by welcoming the chief guests Fr. Savio Dsouza from Nashik, and Ms. Vasanti Bedegar, Placement coordinator, DB Tech Mumbai. A prayer dance followed by the lighting of the lamp by Fr. Anthony Santarita, Fr. Savio Dsouza, Mrs. Appolin Casdik, faculty Houskeeping, Ms. Vasanti Bedegar, a Mother of one of the students, and a Student of Batch- 5. After which they were all presented with a rose. Fr. Savio gave an encouraging speech, and mentioned that he was happy to see all that was happening in the Institute. He also appreciated Fr. Anthony for all that he had planned for the marginalized students. A PPT of the students in action, with a song Papa Khaitye Hai and Maa Pyarri Maa was dedicated to both the students and their Mothers by Mr. Premnath Shinde (ITES Faculty).

There were dances performed by the students with breath taking fashion parade in the end. Fr. Anthony then invited the faculty members on the stage and shared with the parents his appreciation for the work done by them. Two of the students shared their experiences and mentioned how their training program was going on. Four parents were asked to give their views about the training programme and the changes they noticed in their children.

Two of the students had a sandwich counter and soft drinks were served at the bar counter, while Bakery Chef. John Patrao prepared some sweets. The entire place was set by Mr. Sachin Pyati (Faculty Welding) Br. Sachin(BBH) Mr. Raju Jaiswal (Faculty Automobile) Mr. Deepak Lala (Faculty F&B Service) Br. Richard Burkhaw who handled the entire sound system with peppy songs, Mr. Sanjay Mehta (Faculty English) capturing the moment in his camera and not forgetting the man who saw that everything went well by coordinating with the students and staff Mr. Dayanand patil (Coordinator Sankalp Project).
There were almost sixty five students and thirty parents who will never forget this Day.


BIS Correspondent
WADALA, MAY 9, 2011: The Viacom communication Ltd. Celebrated their community day with the shelter boys and the staff at Viacom, Parel. It was a two day event with a lot of fun and frolic. This was a move to join hands together for the better development of the marginalized.

Viacom began their celebration with Shelter five days in advance by painting the hall. On May 5, 2011, in the evening the boys were invited to take up the challenge in a box cricket with the staff of Viacom. Fourteen boys of Shelter formed two teams. After the matches the boys enjoyed themselves dancing for almost an hour.

On May 6, the Shelter staff and boys visited Viacom to participate their community day. It began with a briefing of the various departments especially with the audition and shooting departments. The Shelter boys entertained the Viacom staff with their sher-shairi, dances, jokes, songs etc. A documentary on the life of the street boys and life in the shelter was screened to make the staff aware of their lifestyle. Two of our shelter volunteers shared their experiences at the shelter. The boys tuned themselves to the DJ music for almost two hours.

The Rector thanked the management and the staff of Viacom for having given the boys such a wonderful time in their own campus. It was a day filled with grace and generosity for the shelter boys. As the boys left, each of them were given a school bag, T-shirts, drawing books, colors etc. They also provided shelter with indoor and outdoor games along with a T.V set.

On the whole the Shelter boys enjoyed themselves very much. The Viacom Community decided to help in the education of boys, take part in volunteering and to help the boys in job placement. This was the start of Shelter – Viacom relationship for the betterment of the marginalized boys.

Thursday, May 5, 2011


NERUL, MAY 5, 2011: Weeks and weeks of tireless preparation culminated into the much-awaited Bosco Fiesta on April 29 and April 30, 2011. The otherwise ordinary Don Bosco, Nerul ground that was usually baked in the April sweltering heat was transformed into a mini fair with floodlights and stalls all around. There were food stalls offering mouth-watering delights and game stalls which tested skill as well as speed. There were also stalls that offered investment advice as also stalls selling curios and handicraft articles. Many of the stalls were manned by students, teachers and parents.

The stage took central place where there were many competitions held. The solo-singing competition witnessed a huge turnout right from the ages of below-five years to sixteen years. Many prominent personalities judged the competitions. The drawing competition saw the budding artists get noticed. On April 30, the stage was set ablaze with dancers who competed well, much to the entertainment of the audience. The Bosco Prince and Princess gave many youngsters the opportunity to present their personality on stage – a sure first step to things much greater!!!

There were mascots going around entertaining the children. The request stall made best use of airing requests in the limited time available. The ‘gola’ stall saw many foot-falls with everyone throwing caution to the winds and having ‘golas’ to beat the heat. Little children had mini rides and the jumping-jack to keep them busy.

There were interesting events like the American Auction which witnessed people betting for a hamper of goodies, with the same furore one would maybe find at the stock market!! The lucky dips for ‘Tandoori Chicken too were a hit with the lucky winner taking home the dish for a measly Rs.10/- coupon. Guessing the weight of the cake was another hit.

It was truly the best way to end the academic year. It was a beautiful expression of the combined efforts of the management and the PTA members, who came together for a common good. Looking forward to the next Fiesta.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Patrick Corda
BORIVLI, MAY 4, 2011: On May 3, 2011 the students of Sankalp batch- 5 participated in the Potpourri Day, a food fiesta organized by Mr. Dayanand Patil, Coordinator of the Hotel Management Program. The idea of organizing this fiesta was to bring the students together and have a time of fellowship. Every student had to prepare a dish and bring it to the institute. The entire lobby area of Bosco Boys Home was set by the students under the guidance of Mr. Sanjay Mehta, and Mr. Sachin Pyati. There were various counters such as the Non-Vegetarian, Vegetarian, Pani Puri, Ice Gola, Dessert, and the Bar Counter with non-alcoholic drinks.

Fr. Anthony Santarita along with Fr. Bastin Thomas, Br. Alex and Br. Sachin blessed the food and opened the food counter. Fr. Anthony appreciated the hard work put in by the team and mentioned that it was a good idea of having such an event. Prizes were then given away for the best performed students of the four trades. Mr. Premnath Shinde managed the DJ who played some breath taking music towards which the students had a nice time on the dance floor. The paani puri counter and the ice gola counter were sponsored by Fr. Anthony Santarita. Everyone present for the Fiesta had a wonderful time eating different cuisine prepared by the students.
Thanks to Fr. Anthony Santarita, Director of the Institute who encouraged and gave permission to go ahead and organize such an event. A special thanks to Mr. Dayanand Patil, Sanjay Mehta, Sachin Pyati, Raju Jaiswal, and Premnath Shinde for making this event a success.

Monday, May 2, 2011


Melissa Fernandes
KUWAIT, MAY 2, 2011: On Friday, April 29, 2011, the Salesian Cooperators, Kuwait Unit held a get-together for the Altar Boys called "Rejoice in the Lord" to celebrate Easter and also to say a big "Thank You" to them for their service to our Parish of St. Therese of the Child Jesus, Salmiya - Kuwait

The event was held at Don Bosco School, with seventy eight boys in attendance. The boys enjoyed the afternoon with some fun games. It was the first time such an event was held for them.

In spite of their very busy schedule, the Salesian Fathers; Rev. Fr. Tony D’souza, Fr. Blany Pinto, Fr. Lionel Braganza, Fr. Francisco Pereira and Fr. Joy M. graced the occasion with their presence.

Fr. Blany Pinto blessed the party with a prayer and set the ball rolling for a series of games. It was a joy to see these young boys who serve the mass with such reverence, enjoy the music, games and dance. Fr. Lionel was at his best with his numerous action songs and took the party to another level.

The party ended with a vote of thanks and a small prayer.