Saturday, May 21, 2011


William Falcao sdb 
WADALA, MAY 21, 2011: On May 11, 2011 Shelter Don Bosco organized a two days orientation cum training programme at Methodist Church, Mumbai Central with the World Vision, which is working for the street children for the last five years.  The objective of this orientation cum training programme was the capacity building of the participants as well as networking with this NGO.
On the first day, the Shelter staff and the participants of World Vision were introduced, followed by a power point presentation on, ‘The World of Street children’. The participants were briefed about the functionalities of Child Welfare Committee, Juvenile Justice Board and the various rights of children. 
The post lunch session focused on different Shelter activities as well as the presentation of ‘Homelink ‘software as a documentation and networking tool. 
By narrating experiences of different addictive habits of street boys, more emphasis was laid on how and why street boys should be helped and counseled so that they should not fall prey to addictions. 
‘An empty mind is a devil’s workshop’. At Shelter through the hobby center, boys are taught how to cultivate their hobbies during leisure time so that their talents and skills are utilized in a constructive and proper manner.
The participants enjoyed the movie, ‘Star for a Cause’ which focused on the actual life of the street boys. They found it very interesting and were really touched by it. ants of World Vision were given a brief orientation about the different outreach strategies and rapport building processes on
On the second day, the participthe street.  They were then taken for an outreach to CST, Dadar and Mahim.  The participants were quite thrilled to see the lives on the street as well as Shelter’s approach with the street boys.
The programme manager commented, ‘It was a great learning and growing experience to be with the Shelter’.  The participants too found it very fruitful and enriching

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