Thursday, May 26, 2011


Patrick Corda 
BORIVILI, MAY 26, 2011: On May 26, 2011the students of MoRD Hotel Management training program visited Mc Donald's “A fast food Restaurant” in Borivali West. The moment we reached the restaurant we were welcomed by Mr. Arvind Kholi the shift manager who led the students to the corner of the outlet which is normally used for training purpose or birthday parties.

 Mr Arvind then introduced himself and informed the students about his position and the role that he played. He mentioned that Don Bosco Technical Training Institute has been very helpful in providing students for the past one year who are working with Mc Donald's and the performance of all these fifteen students were great. He then explained the routine of the restaurant and the timings; he mentioned that the main client's were youngsters, and children.

He then explained the type of menu that the restaurant offered, their specialty. He gave a few menus to go through and then asked the students to follow him to the kitchen, where they went through various sections like the Burger counter, French fries counter, soft drinks counter, and the ice-cream counter. The students had a wonderful time; they were all excited when Mr. Arvind gave them a tray full of Mac Aaloo Tikki Burger.

Mr. Patrick gave the vote of thanks and appreciated the support that Don Bosco Technical Training Institute received from Mr. Rajesh Verma the Outlet In charge, he also thanked the Director of the Institute Fr. Anthony Santarita for organizing the field trip and sponsoring the burgers and Mr. Dayanad Patil for making all the arrangements. He appreciated the way Mr. Arvind provided knowledge to the students about Mc Donald's. All the students sat with old Mc Donald and clicked a photograph; they also had a ride on the bike as delivery boys.

The day at Mc Donald's will never be forgotten thanks to, DB Tech and Fr. Anthony Santarita who sees that the best is given to every student who puts his/her feet in the institute. He always mentions, “The students should be given the best when they leave this place they should remember it wherever they go, this is what Don Bosco has taught us".

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