Monday, May 30, 2011


Patrick Corda 
BORIVILI, MAY 30, 2011: Fr. Anthony Santarita, the director of the Don Bosco Technical Training Institute announced the girls Volley Ball Tournament on May 28, 2011. The girls are currently going through their hotel management training program funded by Accenture and ITC welcomgroup. Mr. Dayanand Patil made all the arrangements by getting the ground organized and distributing the players into two separate teams. Team A was under the captaincy of Sonam and Team B under Sonali, both the teams had six players on each side.

At 3.30 pm Patrick Corda called both the captains and opened the game by flicking the coin. It was a sight to watch as the cheer boys encouraged the girls by singing, “Girls don't know how to play volley ball.” this motivated the girls and we could see a tough game. It was a game of best of three, the first two sets were a tie, and the final set was an interesting one where you could see the girls literally attempting every ball. The match came to an end and it was Team A who lifted up the rolling trophy which was presented by Deepak Lala, the F& B service faculty. The students especially the girls had a wonderful time.

Big thanks to Fr. Anthony Santarita and Mr. Dayanand Patil for organizing such an event.

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