Monday, May 30, 2011


Fr. Brian Moras sdb 
MATUNGA, MAY 30, 2011:  To celebrate the Year of the Youth in a meaningful manner, Don Bosco Youth Services at Matunga had various innovative programs for youth right through the year. Among the many- ‘Retreatainment’, a Retreat for Youth through the use of Inspiring Movies was well appreciated; ‘Jordan Call’, a Youth Recollection to prepare for Christmas received a good response. ‘The Salesian Youth Fest, a youth festival for college and working youngsters’ too was a big hit this year with youngsters from Pune and Nashik joining us for the event. Education to Love and Personality Development programs were conducted in some colleges and among parish youngsters.
During summer, we had six Youth Camps which catered to different groups and their needs. The camp to the mission areas of Gujarat helped the youngsters to get in touch with a new culture, to interact with a wide range of people, to realize how blessed they really are. The visit to the villages gave them  an insight into the life of simple villagers. The youngsters were amazed at how generous the villagers were as they hosted us for dinner and interacted with us over a program in the evening. This helped ignite the desire in them to reach out to the people in the Mission in some manner. 
The two Leadership camps at our renovated campsite at Boscowadi, Uttan was a thrilling experience.  Living in tents, working in teams, sharing responsibilities and challenging each other to give their very best was an experience in growth.  Sessions conducted over the four days helped the youngsters become aware of their untapped talents. The creative Eucharistic celebrations, meaningful rosaries and the labyrinth prayer exercise helped them get in touch with their spiritual side; the trek  to the light house was memorable, the daily  tournaments and swims helped to enhance their competitive spirits,  the grand camp-fire was a well prepared moment of creative innovativeness.
The Youth Pasch or Youth Easter Retreat for college and working boys and girls during the Holy Week was a moment of intense experience of the Paschal Mysteries.  The youngsters bonded well, and also got a deeper understanding of Christ and His deep love for each one of them. This YP group also serves as a good support group for the youngsters down the years!
Finally, the two vocation camps at Don Bosco Lonavla for seniors and juniors helped the youngsters discern their Call in life. Fifty youngsters have opted to join Lonavla for Junior College and a few for Std. VIII and IX, to continue their studies and also to better understand God’s plan in their lives. A few of these may eventually join to become Salesian Priests/Brothers. 
Kudos to the Salesian team of Priests and Brothers who organized these programs.
“OUR YEAR, OUR VOICE” has been the clarian call to this grace filled year of youth.  As a grand completion to this year, a few of the Salesians and youth from our Province are preparing to take part in the World Youth Day in Madrid- Spain in the month of August.
God you are great and we are grateful.  Thank you for your promise namely that... “I have good plans for you, plans for your success and not for disaster, plans to give you a future filled with hope”. Help us to respond with daring faith and courage to this wonderful gift of life you have given us.

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