Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Patrick Corda
BORIVILI, MAY 31, 2011: Fire fighting equipment is mandatory in every residential building and so in every Technical Training Institute. We are so accustomed to see the red coloured fire extinguishers rusting away in some corner of our premises; perhaps we gather some information regarding fire extinguishers in the initial stages of our training and then forget about it altogether. At Bosco Boys Home we have approximately two hundred and forty students undergoing training in various trades such as Motor Mechanic, A/C Refrigeration, Electrician, and Hotel Management. A surprise test on how to operate a fire extinguisher was conducted.

On May 30, 2011 Don Bosco Technical Training Institute organized a fire fighting demonstration in the campus at 3.30 pm. Dayanand Patil the Development Officer got the place organized and introduced Mr. Bruno D’mello from Agni Corporation. Students of Accenture/ITC, MoRD, and Sankalp project assembled on the ground according to their class where in Mr. Bruno Dmello informed them about the types of fire and fire extinguisher's, he then took a cylinder in his hand and showed them how to operate it, demonstrating the right way to put the fire off. After brief information a fire was lit and the cylinder was handed over to a girl and a boy as per the weight of the cylinder and they were asked to put the fire off. The students not only learnt about the different kinds of extinguishers, their chemical compositions, etc but also learnt how to operate those extinguishers. The entire exercise was very interactive, practical and the students participated whole heartedly.

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