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Godfrey D'Souza sdb

ANDHERI, JUNE 29, 2011:On June 29, 2011, the feast of Sts. Peter and Paul, St. Dominic Savio High School had the Inauguration ceremony of its House System.

Fr. Godfrey D'Souza, the Rector, Fr. Crispino D'Souza, the Principal and Fr. Edwin Colaco, the Administrator, and Mrs. Vidhya the Supervisor of the Secondary were escorted to their seats with the scouts leading the march.

This year the school chose as their House Patrons three men who were young boys during the time of Don Bosco and studied with Don Bosco. The fourth became a Salesian Brother.
Captain:-  Bearing the name ‘Rua’ the Red house is honored to look upon Blessed Michael Rua as its house patron. ‘The Living Rule’ as he was nicknamed illustrates his severe loyalty. Drawing inspiration from his goodness and fatherliness we take ‘Obedience & Respect” as our motto.
Vice Captain:-Blessed Michael Rua the last of the nine children was the first successor of St. John Bosco. Don Bosco once told him “we two will go halves in everything”. His own plan of life and action was drawn through fidelity to the founder. It is said that “he made the spring a stream and a stream a river.” With the able guidance of our House teachers Mrs. Mona Dias for the Senior Section and Mrs. Swati Futardo for the Junior Section we pledge to live to our motto.
Captain:-“Go break to the hungry sweet charity’s bread .For living is giving, the angel said.  But   how long must I go on giving? Till the Savior stops giving to you.” These few Line  clearly demonstrates the philosophy, the ideals which have made blessedArtemide  Zatti a living legend.   We the Blue House take Blessed Artemide Zatti as our role model. The ‘Zatti’ house believes in ‘sacrifice and service to all.’
Vice captain:- Experiencing difficulties and hardships at an early age Zatti earned his living starting a as a laborer at the age of nine. As a Salesian priest at the age of twenty three he had already entrusted himself to the service of the suffering. A model of loving kindness, he began his day by visiting the hospital wards and attending to thepeople afflicted by tuberculosis, leprosy and various diseases. Though he wore suffering as a garment he radiated smiles to many. We vow to strive hard with Mrs. Sushila Machado as our House teacher for the Secondary Section and Ms. Erica James as our House Teacher for the Junior Section.
Captain:- The green house believes in standing tall against all odds. Our motto ‘Self Belief and Reason’. Taking Little Michael Magone as our patron, the Magone house believes in igniting hope and the power of reason and expression in the youth. Our clear conscience can ease our worries and keeps the devil in our mind at bay believed Magone. Michael added to his lively faith an exemplary concern and an edifying attitude for all practices of piety.
Vice Captain:-Magone an ardent imitator of St Dominic Savio. The life of Dominic Savio exemplified innate virtues cultivated to a point of heroism throughout his life. In Magone’s life we have a lad abandoned to himself was in the danger of treading the sad road of evil but fortunately the Lord invited Magone to follow Him. He stood tall to Dominic Savio’s motto “Death rather Than Sin”. Under the Dynamic and loving care of our House teachers Mrs. Valerie Mascarenhas for the Secondary Section and Mrs. Renilda Fernandes for the Junior Section the Magone House shall aim to reach the pinnacle of success.

Captain:-“Every great moment of God can be traced to a kneeling figure.” we the yellow house take pride in following the ethics of blessed Philip Rinaldi, a master of Salesian ways and spirituality. Our motto ‘Serenity in Prayer’ is derived from the actions of our patron. The Rinaldi house believes that ‘Nothing can be achieved unless and until we bow low in humility and reverence to the Almighty.’
Vice Captain:-Don Francesia once wrote “Don Rinaldi was only missing the voice of Don Bosco, he had everything else” Absolute confidence in God and unlimited trust in Mary Help of Christians inspired him to sanctified work With the blessings and guidance of our House Teachers Mr. Yogesh Sharma for the Secondary Section and Ms. Kaninka James for the Junior Section we shall aspire to reach our target every day.

The Leaders were ready to take on their responsibility and reach for the stars.


Kenneth Pereira sdb
MATUNGA, JUNE 29, 2011:
About forty five rectors and persons-in-charge of communities from all over the Mumbai province spent two days in intense activity: evaluating, planning and equipping themselves to carry out their task as animators in the year ahead. Fr. Ajoy Fernandes, Vice Provincial was the main organizer of this meet.
The event began with a celebration of the Eucharist at 9 am in the Shrine crypt, presided by Fr. Michael Fernandes the Provincial, who spoke of the need for planning and evaluation.
On June 22, the first day the sessions began with some important communications and exhortations from the Provincial to all the community heads. Fr. Savio Silveira then spoke on the exigency for Human Rights Education in our schools, as was mandated by the last Provincial Chapter. Fr. Edwin D’Souza and others briefed the assembly on matters concerning the arrival of the relic of Don Bosco in our province. Fr. Ajoy gave an insightful presentation on the phenomenon of Anxiety and Depression among students today. Fr. Elson Barretto, Provincial Economer had some important communications for the assembly on financial and administrative matters.
In the evening, various confreres met region-wise in order to draw up plans for the arrival of the relic of Don Bosco in out Province.
On June 23, the second day of the Rectors’ Meeting, the Eucharist was celebrated by the Vice- Provincial Fr. Ajoy Fernandes. He spoke to the participants on the meaning and aspects of animation.
At the opening session that morning, Ms. Sonal Alvares of Environment Management Centre charmed her audience with an eye-opening presentation on environmental issues and urged her audience to conscientize their communities on the ways and means of reducing our ‘carbon footprint’.
The session after the tea-break consisted mostly in a presentation of the reports of the various commissions and departments, concerning their activities in the past year. The presentations were facilitated by the preparation of a report-booklet (as part of the resource kit) that each participant was given at the very start of the Meet, thanks to the hard work of Fr. Ajoy Fernandes, Vice-Provincial and Fr. Ivan Rodrigues, Provincial secretary.
Fr. Bonnie D’Souza aroused the interest of the audience with his lucid presentation regarding the patenting of the name of Don Bosco in India.
The afternoon session on the second day was mostly dedicated to the work of future planning by the various commissions.
Of course, there were also lighter moments during these two days, as when we met in the refectory over tasty meals, and even sang ‘happy birthday’ to two of the participants there present.
All in all, these two days were ‘awesome’! I, for one, could not help feeling a bit overwhelmed by the number of tasks that each community leader has been called upon to take upon his shoulders in the year ahead. It will require a generous measure of goodwill from the members of each community, and an abundance of God’s grace to carry all these matters through!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Fr. Bento D’Souza and Fr. Michael Bansode sdb

AHMEDNAGAR, JUNE 28, 2011: A long procession honoring St. John the Baptist, crept along the main road leading the people for the installation of the new statue of John the Baptist in front of the church. The statue was blessed by Fr. Michael Fernandes, Provincial of Mumbai Province. After this ceremony, the Eucharistic celebration began. The parishioners of the three parishes: St. John’s, Bhingar, St. Anne’s, Collector’s Office, and Don Bosco Savedi athered together to participate in this occasion. Fr. William Falcao gave us in his eulogy a panoramic view of “God writing straight with crooked lines”, journey in the expansion of the work of Don Bosco leading to this Twenty Fifth Anniversary, a milestone to thank the Lord for his faithful presence in our planting Salesian roots in Ahmednagar.  The offertory procession was rich, and symbolic of the dedication of our lives to work in the Lord’s service.
After the final prayer and hymn, a ‘Satkar ‘was held to honor the contributions of Fr. Michael Fernandes, the Provincial, Fr. Ajoy, the Vice Provincial, Fr. William Falcao, First Pioneer and Founder of the Mission and Bro. Alex Gonsalves, Founder of Bosco Grameen Vikas Kendra, Khedgaon, the social development wing, to make this mission grow into a flourishing one what it is today. A shawl and a tribute was paid to the Jesuit Provinces of Pune and Nasik to Fr. Jerome Gonsalves SJ  for handing over this pocket of their territory to the Salesians and partnering with us in evangelization and human development, for the last  twenty four years. Jesuit Stalwarts who allowed us to enter this area like Bishop Thomas Bhalerao and others was fondly remembered. Fr. Ramesh Tribhuvan, SJ, Social Centre, Ahmednagar, and Fr. James Thorat, SJ, Shrirampur were present for the occasion.
Awards were given to three students Surekha Mantode, Sangeeta Jawale and Pintu Patole, for completing their Masters Degree. Gifts were presented to two youngsters, Stephen Joseph for being a role model for the Altar Servers and Reuben Swamy for his success in the Std X examinations.
A cultural program was held wherein groups from Sacred Heart, DB Savedi and Pumpkin house participated in the dance. The agape meal shared by more than eight hundred people brought the festival to a close. Many of Salesians from Nasik, and other places were present and expressed their sincere appreciation for the work done. May silver turn to Gold in the next twenty five years for Project: Ahmednagar Mission.


Fr. Bento D’Souza and Fr. Michael Bansode sdb

BHINGAR, JUNE 28, 2011: A Maha- Aradhana was held in St. John the Baptist Church, Bhingar, on June 19 form 5.30to 8.30 pm. A large crowd attended this service. Under the experienced hand of the youthful Parish Priest, Fr. Michael Bansode, the youth group of the Parish made every effort to conduct an Adoration Service that was attended by all with rapt attention. The team made use of the multi media appropriately and the music ministry united and gave a power packed performance. The youth co-operated totally with the decision-making regards the program and the executing of it.
To adore means literally to kiss, and the crowd kissed the all pervading presence of the Lord in the Eucharistic Sacrament for three glorious hours.  This is the first time an event of such a magnitude and high standard is being held. This is the promise of more happenings to come. People appreciate this sort of events and responded totally to the movement of the purging Spirit, by weeping and committing their lives anew to their spiritual growth.
The highlight of the ceremony was frequenting the sacrament of reconciliation by a vast majority of the people.  This served a preview to the feast of St. John the Baptist and the launch of the Silver Jubilee Celebrations of the Mission Ahmednagar, next Saturday.


BIS Correspondent

WADALA, JUNE 27, 2011: The wait for the results of secondary school certificate examination is finally over. After a grueling year of studies and hard work, the students of Std. X achieved sweet success.

Out of hundred and seventeen students who appeared for the SSC exams hundred and fifteen emerged successful with the passed percentage of 98.29 %.

The toppers:

1- Jain Shlok Narendra:                    94.18

2- Thakkar Umang Randhir              93.45
     Jobabputra Aman Shashikant      93.45

3- Shah Rahil Vipul                         92.91

Summary:     Distinction:     74
                        I class:           27
                        II class:         14
Pass class:       Nil
Fail:                 02

Kudos to both the students and the staff of St. Joseph’s for good results at the SSC Board exams! We also assure the students of our constant prayers and good wishes as they begin a new journey.

Monday, June 27, 2011


Savio D’souza sdb

PUNE, JUNE 27, 2011: The Salesians of Don Bosco Youth Centre organized a three day ‘Inter-Novitiate Programme’ for the sister novices of twelve different congregations at Holy Angels Convent from June 20 to June 23, 2011. Seventy- seven novices participated in the programme. The three days were packed with sessions on self-discovery, building relationships, anger management, leadership skills and influence of Mass media. A team of Salesian clerics animated the various sessions in a creative Salesian style. All the sessions were complemented with ice breakers and interesting games.

The novices were enthused and participated actively. On the final day the novices staged skits based on the various sessions they had attended during the past three days. It was an opportunity for the novices to inter-mingle with each other which perhaps was an enriching experience.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


BIS Correspondent
WADALA, JUNE 21, 2011: The commencement of the new academic year began with the Principal, Fr. Bernard Fernandes, welcoming both the staff and the students after their well deserved summer break.

To the students he said that a fresh new syllabus, a fresh new outlook, a fresh new challenge awaited them. He asked them to prepare themselves to overcome all the obstacles that they may come across in their academics for the new scholastic year.
He also wished all the tehing staff and the students, a serene and fruitful year ahead.

A prayer service was organized on June 16 to usher in the New Academic Year and also to welcome and introduce to the students, the new members of the Management Team the Rector – Fr. Godfrey De Sa, and the Assistant Parish Priest – Fr. Vivian D’Souza who would also be the student counselor.

In his message to the students Fr. Godfrey reminded the students that success doesn’t come easy and gave them an excellent example of the eagle that lives for seventy years. In order to reach this age, the eagle must make a hard decision. In its Fortieth year its long and flexible talons can no longer grab prey which serves as food. Its long and sharp beak becomes bent. It's old-aged and heavy wings, due to their thick feathers, stick to its chest and make it difficult to fly. Then, the eagle is left with only two options: DIE or go through a painful process of CHANGE that lasts hundred and fifty days. The process requires that the eagle fly to a mountain top and sit on its nest. There the eagle knocks its beak against a rock until it plucks it out. It awaits the growth of a new beak with the help of which the eagle plucks out its talons. With the growth of new talons, the eagle plucks its old-aged feathers. And after five months, the eagle takes its famous flight of rebirth and lives for thirty additional years.

 Fr. Godfrey left us with a beautiful thought. He said, many times, in order to survive we have to start a change process. We sometimes need to get rid of old memories, habits and other past traditions. Only when freed from past burdens, can we take advantage of the present.

A beautiful insight indeed to begin the new academic year!


Daniel D’Souza sdb

MATUNGA, JUNE 21, 2011: Don Bosco High School – Matunga, got cent percent results this year again, with Aatman Vora - 95.82%, being the highest in the school. It was a moment of success and rejoicing for the School and its Staff members, especially the S.S.C teachers as all the hundred and ten students did exceptionally well!
The icing on the cake was, of course, the fact that for the sixth year in succession all the boarders passed, with Rebello Celestine - 77.45%, Kodiyan Alden - 73.8%, and Raj Sahil - 72.91% being the top three. It was indeed a happy moment and a good start for the new academic year. Below is a summary of the results.
Total number of students -             310
90% and Above-                              53
75 to 89.99%-                                145
60 to 74.99 %-                                 89
45 to 59.99%-                                  23
44.99 & Less-                                 Nil


 BIS Correspondent

WADALA, JUNE 21, 2011: The new academic year for the teachers of St. Joseph’s began with the introduction of the new members of the Management Team, the Rector and Parish Priest Rev. Fr. Godfrey De Sa and the Assistant Parish Priest Rev. Fr Vivian D’Souza. This was done by the Principal of the school, Rev. Fr. Bernard Fernandes.

While addressing the staff members Fr. Godfrey, a counselor himself, spoke of his work at Prafulta - the diagnostic, counseling and guidance centre at Dominic Savio School, Andheri.  Commenting on the Don Bosco method of education, he said that there are different kinds of students in a class and it is indeed difficult for a teacher to handle these students. Under such circumstances, a teacher ought to be tactful and sensitive. Teachers, he said, were instruments of change who influence the students in a big way.

Fr. Vivian, the Ex- Principal of St. Joseph’s and well known to most of the staff, had something significant to say to the members. He opined that students now – a – days don’t need teachers because they get all the information they need through various sites on the internet. Teachers, however, play an important role outside the class – in their dealings with the students.

Welcome Fr. Godfrey and Fr. Vivian!

Monday, June 20, 2011


Godfrey D'Souza sdb
ANDHERI, JUNE 20, 2011: It is indeed a historic moment in the annals of St. Dominic Savio Andheri, for on June 18, 2011, with the help of friends and benefactors of the Institute, Mr. Sailesh Parab the Municipal Corporator of Ward 69, Andheri East, was responsible for giving us St. Dominic Savio Chowk.
Many Shiv Sena dignitaries were present and the function began only at 20.00 hours. Shri. Ramesh Latke the MLA Advocate pulled the curtain to declare it St. Dominic Savio Chowk. Soon after there was the prasad with the traditional breaking of the coconut and the slab with the name of our Municipal Corporator was also thrown open to all present by Shri. Ramesh Latke and Shri. Anil Parab
Among the Salesians present were Fr. Michael Fernandes, Provincial; Fr. Ajoy Fernandes, Vice Provincial; Fr. Godfrey D’Souza, Rector; Fr. Crispino D’Souza, Principal; Fr. Edwin Colaco, Administrator and Bro. Roshan Gonsalves.
There were lots of benefactors, Cooperators, Past-Pupils, School Teachers and friends of the Institute who were present for this auspicious occasion. It was indeed a feather in the cap for all of us at St. Dominic Savio’s.
We are indeed grateful to one and all who contributed in so many ways to help St. Dominic Savio’s Chowk become a reality.

Friday, June 17, 2011


Gayatree Joshi

WADALA, JUNE 17, 2011: The boys at Shelter have done it again. This year being the fourth successful year at Shelter. The boys who appeared for the SSC exams have passed with great scores. The seven boys are:
Deepak Singh- 77%
Bheem Bohora- 70%
Ejaz Khan- 69%
Rahul Kumar- 64%
Kamlesh Pal- 51%
Pankaj Totan- 62%
Sadakat Hussian- 48% 
We congratulate the boys, teachers, volunteers and pray for their future endeavors. The boys are now heading for College admissions and are all set to target their Career Goals.


Rossi D’SouzaBORIVILI, JUNE 17, 2011: Our School secured a Cent Per Cent result this year. The details of the result are as follow.
In total hundred and thirty four students appeared for the exam. There are twenty eight students securing ninety percent and above.  The boys securing the highest percentage are as follows. 
First:               Abhijeet Singh                        96.1 %
Second:           Viren Rangaraj                       95.4 %
Third:             Elvis Gonsalves                      94.7 %
                       Anay Gadgil                           94.7%
                        Kaushal Thakkar                   94.7%
Congratulations to all our students, teachers, staff and management for all the hard work put in by them during the academic year 2010-2011.

Thursday, June 16, 2011


Bosco Carvalho sdb 
DIVYADAAN, JUNE 16, 2011: The community of Divyadaan was blessed to have his Lordship Rt. Rev. Lourdes Daniel, the Bishop of the Nashik Diocese, in their midst on June 14, 2011. The Bishop presided over the Holy Eucharist offering up to the Lord the intentions and petitions of the community. Bp. Lourdes Daniel focused on God being the treasure and goal of every consecrated person. He invited the young confreres to give themselves totally to God; to grow in wisdom, knowledge, faith and love during their formation years and to outdo one another in expressing brotherly charity. He urged the community to develop a thirst for God and quench this longing by engaging into a deep and continual relationship with Jesus.
The community felicitated the Bishop with a warm address and a blessing song, thereafter sharing in a fellowship meal. The confreres felt sincerely indebted to his Lordship for having spent his precious time praying with and for them. Rt. Rev. Lourdes Daniel was grateful to the community for its affectionate welcome, hospitality, enthusiasm and assurance of prayers.
The much desired visit of the Bishop to Divyadaan was a moment of grace that filled the house with God’s presence. No one was left untouched by the simplicity and holiness of the Bishop. The community could not but rejoice at receiving a man of God in their midst. The Bishop greeted the community in the name of Jesus Christ and very tangibly became a ‘CHRIST’ to each of the members in the community.

Monday, June 13, 2011


Cl. Denver D’Silva
DIVYADAAN, JUNE 13, 2011: On the solemn occasion of the memorial of St. Barnabas, the ardent apostle of faith, the community of Divyadaan re-engaged in its pursuit of wisdom with the invocation of the Divine Spirit. The Inaugural Eucharist was presided over by Fr. Michael Fernandes, the Salesian Provincial of Mumbai. He was joined by the Capuchin Provincial Fr. Michael Fernandes and the various staff members from the campus.
‘Our main aim is human maturity’ were the words of Fr. Michael, the Salesian Provincial, at the beginning of the Eucharistic celebration. He went on in his sermon to highlight the role of the Holy Spirit who helps and guides in this process of human maturity. Giving picturesque examples, he painted with words the catalytic effect of the Holy Spirit.
The Eucharist was followed by the inaugural function. The event began with an invocation of the Holy Spirit and the lighting of the lamp by the different superiors. Fr. Savio Dsouza, the Rector of Divyadaan, welcomed the gathering and motioned about the significance of the New Year as a sign of change. The student Capuchin friars then sung a choral piece – Glorious God. Fr. Robert Pen, the Principal of Divyadaan, presented to all the Academic Report of the Academic Year 2010-11. He listed the achievements of the institution and the activities conducted during the year. He also enumerated the numerous publications by the professors which contribute to the academic growth of the Institution. After releasing the Handbook for the year 2011-12, Fr. Michael Fernandes, the Salesian Provincial drew a parallel between study and prayer. He urged the young academicians to spend time in study as they would spend time in prayer. He wished all to enjoy life by doing things well.
The inaugural lecture for this year was delivered by Rev Fr. Felix Fernandes, a residential professor at Divyadaan. The topic of his presentation was ‘The Relation with the other: The Philosophy of Emmanuel Levinas’. This presentation was an overflow of his reflections on Levinas’ philosophy during his doctoral thesis.
Having given a brief life sketch of Levinas, a philosopher whose thoughts were inspired and tested by his own life experiences, Fr. Felix pointed out that for Levinas, the question of ethics was more important than the question of ontology. The heart of his philosophy is service and respect for the other, and recognition of the other as an individual independent of oneself. Levinas strongly championed for self-reflection and an other-centered world where one thinks not of oneself but of the other first; not what the other can do for me but what I can do for the other. This is what he meant by Asymmetrical Relations. Fr. Felix remarkably synthesized the thoughts of Levinas in a crispy yet lucid manner giving to the audience only what was needed without losing on the essence of his philosophy. He presented the thoughts of Levinas as a voice of Conscience in a world ruled by totalitarianism. He concluded that the Challenge of the Asymmetrical continues to beckon us.
The function ended with a thank you note given by Fr. Robert Pen. The day was well organized by the students themselves which manifested their own enthusiasm to start the Academic year, as the saying goes….Well begun is half done!!

Saturday, June 11, 2011


YERWADA, JUNE 11, 2011:Fr. Anton D’Souza was sworn in as the new Rector and Parish Priest ofSacred Heart Church, Yerwada in a simple yet meaningful ceremony on June 9, 2011. Provincial Rev. Fr. Michael Fernandez, Frs. George Miranda and Anthony Goyal were present on this occasion. The Salesian co-operators and other lay faithful were also present on this occasion.

Thursday, June 9, 2011


BIS Correspondent 
BORIVLI, JUNE 09, 2011: After the recently concluded IPL League in India, Paul Valthaty needs no introduction as a cricketer who has made his mark on the Indian Cricket scene. Valthaty was a student of Don Bosco High School, Borivli. Valthaty was born in a Telugu Christian family and is the son of Mr. Chandrashekar and Dr.Chandravathy.
Paul Valthaty was picked by Kings XI Punjab, as a backup to expensive international buys, at a player auction in January. He is the opening batsmen for Kings XI Punjab, and had an outstanding game in the 2011 Indian Premier League against the reigning champions Chennai Super Kings. Valthaty raced to hundred and twenty not out in sixty three balls as the Kings XI Punjab chased down the mammoth hundred and eighty nine-run target with six wickets and five balls to spare at Mohali. It was the first hundred of IPL 2011 and thirteenth overall and this century is his first fastest century. It was also the third highest IPL score ever, after only Brendon McCullum's hundred and fifty eight and Murali  
Vijay's hundred and twenty seven. In his next game, Paul scored a fabulous seventy five of forty seven deliveries hitting five sixes and eight fours after achieving the best bowling figures for any Kings XI Punjab bowler with four for twenty nine. His all round performance resulted in a big win for his team. He played a pacey innings in his next match scoring forty six off just thirty one deliveries with three classic sixes. With his initial blitzkrieg, the team crossed the fifty in just three overs, a record in IPL history which was later beaten by the Royal Challengers Bangalore in their second match against the Kochi Tuskers Kerala in the same season.
We were happy to have Paul in our midst, a very unassuming individual, who has high regards for the school and remembers his school days with nostalgia.  He has promised to come again when the students are around.  Come July and he will be going to Sri Lanka for the Cricket League there.  Keep it up Paul, we are proud of you

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


BIS Correspondent
WADALA, JUNE 7, 2011: On June 6, at 12:00 noon, the Child Welfare Committee (CWC) officially visited Shelter Don Bosco. Dr. Shaila Mhatre, Chairperson along with the committee members, Mr. Santosh Shinde, Ms. Molly George and Ms. Mrinalee Sathe made a thorough examination of the boys’ personal files and the various registers. They also made a quick inspection with regards to cleanliness, food, education, entertainment and medical facilities. The committee members questioned the newly arrived boys at Shelter from the ‘Children’s observation home’ Dongari and received a positive feedback from them about their stay in Shelter.

The Director of Shelter Don Bosco and the Chairperson of ‘CWC’ had a discussion on the issue of ‘begging children and their rehabilitation’ and promised each other a closer cooperation while working for the street boys.
The ‘CWC’ members were highly impressed with the documentation and the hobby centre

Monday, June 6, 2011


Geraldine Rodrigues
BORIVLI, JUNE 6, 2011: The feast of the beautiful Cross which stands near the Creek of Gorai, Borivli, was celebrated on May 29. Nine days prior to the feast, the Rosary was recited at the Cross every evening at 8pm. It was good to see people make the sign of the cross, bow down and whisper a small prayer as they passed by.
The Cross was beautifully decorated on the Feast day. Hundred and fifty devotees were present on that day. Fr. Allwyn and his team began the praise and worship by 7 pm, to join them was the Shanti Sagar Hindi Prayer Group of our parish. After the praise and worship session we recited the Sorrowful Mysteries animated by our parishioner, Mr. Harry Menezes with the help of a power point presentation. The Word of God was proclaimed in Hindi by Samson and the reflection was given by Fr. Allwyn. Prayers for various intentions then followed.  The prayer service at the Cross concluded with the blessing given by Fr. Allwyn.
With demolitions of Crosses in various parts of the city, hopefully this is a reminder to the powers that there are regular prayers being held at the Cross at Gorai Creek.  We were glad that we could organize this service, which apart from helping us reflect on the sufferings of Christ, has also been a sign of witness to people of other faiths.  God bless all those involved in organizing the event.

Saturday, June 4, 2011


Patrick Corda 
BORIVILI, JUNE 4, 2011: We all know that receiving things makes you feel good, but giving out is not that easy. Fr Anthony Santarita always spoke to the students that it brings immense joy when you give. “What you have received from society should be given back to society,” he affirmed.

On June 3, 2011 twenty five girls of the Hotel Management visited Ashadeep, an orphanage in the vicinity. The students were happy to see nineteen children of the age group five to thirteen welcoming them all with a smile. These children are orphans and HIV infected. It was a time for entertainment where the children welcomed the girls with a song "Tare Zamin Par". The students then asked the children to form a human circle and they all started dancing to the song “Do the Hokey Porkie. The students taught the children Fr. Anthony’s favourite song, “When you’re happy and you know clap your hands".

The students had purchased some snacks which were given to the children. Later the students visited the children study and stay house in the building. The children had prepared some bags which were purchased by some of the students. After spending an hour it was time for us to return back to the institute. This day will be remembered by all the students for the work of charity they did.

Thanks to Fr. Anthony Santarita for organizing it and Dayanand Patil for making the arrangements to the orphanage.

Friday, June 3, 2011


Patrick Corda 
BORIVILI, JUNE 3, 2011: “Chef what’s cooking”, a Food training lecture was organized for the Hotel management students of MoRD and Accenture/ ITC Hotels on May 31, 2011. Mr. Bernard D'souza the EAM Food & Beverage the Club Andheri walked into the Institute with his son Christopher D’souza at 9.30 in the morning. The kitchen was set by the students for the guest lecture that Chef Christopher was about to conduct. Dayanad Patil introduced Mr. Bernard and Chef Christopher to the students and then signaled Chef Christopher to go on. Christopher got himself introduced and motivated the students with all that he had learnt in his three years of training with Rizvi College and has now taken up into production with a job in Mahindra Holidays. He thanked his Father for being his strength and helping him accomplish his dream.

He then called a few students to help him with the preparation of the ingredients for the dishes that he was about to present. He explained each and everything in a way the students could understand. Gloria said; the bets part of the training was that Chef Christopher asked the students to taste the dishes and then add seasoning to them if necessary.

From 10.30 am to 12.45pm Chef Christopher presented Bell Pepper Soup, Steered Chicken with Mushroom sauce, mash potato and steered broccoli. The presentation was really amazing and so were the dishes. It was time to say goodbye to Chef Christopher. Steven one of the students presented a card and a bouquet on behalf of the Institute, Cinderella gave the vote of thanks saying, it was something new that they learnt and that Chef Christopher was amazing.

Chef Christopher and Mr. Bernard thanked and appreciated Fr. Anthony Santarita for the good work he was doing. A group photograph was taken, after which Fr. Anthony personally thanked Chef Christopher for his time and knowledge that he shared with the students. If any one wants to know what’s happening next in the Institute call Fr. Anthony Santarita because he is the one who makes things happen at the Institute.