Friday, June 3, 2011


Patrick Corda 
BORIVILI, JUNE 3, 2011: “Chef what’s cooking”, a Food training lecture was organized for the Hotel management students of MoRD and Accenture/ ITC Hotels on May 31, 2011. Mr. Bernard D'souza the EAM Food & Beverage the Club Andheri walked into the Institute with his son Christopher D’souza at 9.30 in the morning. The kitchen was set by the students for the guest lecture that Chef Christopher was about to conduct. Dayanad Patil introduced Mr. Bernard and Chef Christopher to the students and then signaled Chef Christopher to go on. Christopher got himself introduced and motivated the students with all that he had learnt in his three years of training with Rizvi College and has now taken up into production with a job in Mahindra Holidays. He thanked his Father for being his strength and helping him accomplish his dream.

He then called a few students to help him with the preparation of the ingredients for the dishes that he was about to present. He explained each and everything in a way the students could understand. Gloria said; the bets part of the training was that Chef Christopher asked the students to taste the dishes and then add seasoning to them if necessary.

From 10.30 am to 12.45pm Chef Christopher presented Bell Pepper Soup, Steered Chicken with Mushroom sauce, mash potato and steered broccoli. The presentation was really amazing and so were the dishes. It was time to say goodbye to Chef Christopher. Steven one of the students presented a card and a bouquet on behalf of the Institute, Cinderella gave the vote of thanks saying, it was something new that they learnt and that Chef Christopher was amazing.

Chef Christopher and Mr. Bernard thanked and appreciated Fr. Anthony Santarita for the good work he was doing. A group photograph was taken, after which Fr. Anthony personally thanked Chef Christopher for his time and knowledge that he shared with the students. If any one wants to know what’s happening next in the Institute call Fr. Anthony Santarita because he is the one who makes things happen at the Institute.

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