Monday, June 6, 2011


Geraldine Rodrigues
BORIVLI, JUNE 6, 2011: The feast of the beautiful Cross which stands near the Creek of Gorai, Borivli, was celebrated on May 29. Nine days prior to the feast, the Rosary was recited at the Cross every evening at 8pm. It was good to see people make the sign of the cross, bow down and whisper a small prayer as they passed by.
The Cross was beautifully decorated on the Feast day. Hundred and fifty devotees were present on that day. Fr. Allwyn and his team began the praise and worship by 7 pm, to join them was the Shanti Sagar Hindi Prayer Group of our parish. After the praise and worship session we recited the Sorrowful Mysteries animated by our parishioner, Mr. Harry Menezes with the help of a power point presentation. The Word of God was proclaimed in Hindi by Samson and the reflection was given by Fr. Allwyn. Prayers for various intentions then followed.  The prayer service at the Cross concluded with the blessing given by Fr. Allwyn.
With demolitions of Crosses in various parts of the city, hopefully this is a reminder to the powers that there are regular prayers being held at the Cross at Gorai Creek.  We were glad that we could organize this service, which apart from helping us reflect on the sufferings of Christ, has also been a sign of witness to people of other faiths.  God bless all those involved in organizing the event.

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