Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Kenneth Pereira sdb
MATUNGA, JUNE 29, 2011:
About forty five rectors and persons-in-charge of communities from all over the Mumbai province spent two days in intense activity: evaluating, planning and equipping themselves to carry out their task as animators in the year ahead. Fr. Ajoy Fernandes, Vice Provincial was the main organizer of this meet.
The event began with a celebration of the Eucharist at 9 am in the Shrine crypt, presided by Fr. Michael Fernandes the Provincial, who spoke of the need for planning and evaluation.
On June 22, the first day the sessions began with some important communications and exhortations from the Provincial to all the community heads. Fr. Savio Silveira then spoke on the exigency for Human Rights Education in our schools, as was mandated by the last Provincial Chapter. Fr. Edwin D’Souza and others briefed the assembly on matters concerning the arrival of the relic of Don Bosco in our province. Fr. Ajoy gave an insightful presentation on the phenomenon of Anxiety and Depression among students today. Fr. Elson Barretto, Provincial Economer had some important communications for the assembly on financial and administrative matters.
In the evening, various confreres met region-wise in order to draw up plans for the arrival of the relic of Don Bosco in out Province.
On June 23, the second day of the Rectors’ Meeting, the Eucharist was celebrated by the Vice- Provincial Fr. Ajoy Fernandes. He spoke to the participants on the meaning and aspects of animation.
At the opening session that morning, Ms. Sonal Alvares of Environment Management Centre charmed her audience with an eye-opening presentation on environmental issues and urged her audience to conscientize their communities on the ways and means of reducing our ‘carbon footprint’.
The session after the tea-break consisted mostly in a presentation of the reports of the various commissions and departments, concerning their activities in the past year. The presentations were facilitated by the preparation of a report-booklet (as part of the resource kit) that each participant was given at the very start of the Meet, thanks to the hard work of Fr. Ajoy Fernandes, Vice-Provincial and Fr. Ivan Rodrigues, Provincial secretary.
Fr. Bonnie D’Souza aroused the interest of the audience with his lucid presentation regarding the patenting of the name of Don Bosco in India.
The afternoon session on the second day was mostly dedicated to the work of future planning by the various commissions.
Of course, there were also lighter moments during these two days, as when we met in the refectory over tasty meals, and even sang ‘happy birthday’ to two of the participants there present.
All in all, these two days were ‘awesome’! I, for one, could not help feeling a bit overwhelmed by the number of tasks that each community leader has been called upon to take upon his shoulders in the year ahead. It will require a generous measure of goodwill from the members of each community, and an abundance of God’s grace to carry all these matters through!

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