Friday, July 1, 2011


Neelam Rodrigues
BORIVLI, JULY 1, 2011: It is justly said that it needs a lot of righteousness on one’s part to be witnessing celestial blessings on us. We, at Don Bosco, Borivli, are indeed blessed as we fervently wait for our patron saint, St. John Bosco, to be amidst us in form of his relic.
To venerate his Two Hundredth Birth Anniversary in 2015, the world around acknowledges and witnesses the casket that carries the relic of the saint himself.
The journey began from Rome in 2010 visiting over hundred and thirty countries, finally closing back in Rome on August 2015, well in time for the anniversary revelry.
We, the management, the staff and the students, consider ourselves particularly lucky to be able to experience the magic of the saint, an occurrence that we will probably witness just once in our lifetime. The relic visits us on the August 12 and August 13, 2011.
Amongst the other Salesian institutes of the Mumbai Province, Borivli is chosen to display the life size replica of the Saint’s body.
Don Bosco, Borivli, is considered among the ‘crème de la crème’ of society. The school has been performing spectacularly over the past forty years, giving cent percent results academically. The institution was chosen mainly for its outstanding qualities, its unswerving service towards the youth and the society at large.
If we are able to attain so much, it is truly the blessings and support of our patron saint, Saint John Bosco.
We hope and pray that He guides us through our way and continues to watch over us forever and ever and his arrival in our institution gives us the additional graces and blessings to carry on his mission for generations to come.

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