Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Godfrey D'Souza sdb
ANDHERI, JULY 6, 2011: On July 5 the students of the various houses were getting ready for the Quiz competition in honour of St. Dominic Savio. There was a wave of excitement among all the students. They were given questions on the life of Dominic Savio and the Institution. The competition took place after the short recess. The Primary began their competition at 10.00 am and also had a drawing competition to the event of the morning. The lads in a variety of colors were indeed looking like Dominic Savio and were all very involved in participating in the event. Fr. Edwin Colaco added his spirit of gaiety and fun to the moment and had the youngsters enjoying every moment of the competition.
The Secondary section was divded into two groups. Standards V, VI & VII formed one group while the VIII, IX & X standards formed the senior group. Bro. Roshan conducted the senior section while the teachers conducted the junior section in the AV hall. At the end of the competitions the seniors were given a little booklet on the life of Dominic Savio to read at leisure at home. The Primary Supervisor, Mrs. Maria Xavier, made it possible to have the life of St. Dominic Savio screened in the Primary classes for all the children. It was a good idea to pass on the vales of St. Dominic Savio to  these little youngsters at such a tender age.
We take this opportunity to wish one and all a very Happy Feast of St. Dominic Savio. May we youngsters model him by being Cheerful and full of life.

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