Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Godfrey D'Souza sdb
ANDHERI, JULY 6, 2011: Today the entire school celebrated the feast of our Patron, St. Dominic Savio. The boys were in colors rather than their school uniforms and they looked smart as ever. The Catholic boys participated in the Eucharist with Fr. Rector as the main celebrant and the boys of other faiths had a prayer service in the AV Hall with Fr Crispino leading them into prayer. Dominic Savio was once again portrayed as a model of sanctity the Salesian way, and the boys were told to imitate Dominic Savio in his simple but sure way to holiness, doing one’s duty and obeying one’s elders.
Cake was distributed to every student after the prayer service and mass. The boarders went for their lightening tournament and had a number of games lined up in spite of the showers that were present. They loved playing in the rain and seemed to be enjoying it all the more. The staff gathered in the mess of the Salesians and then began some party games to bring in the spirit of the festivity. Fr. Crispino then asked the Rector, Fr. Godfrey to say a few words before saying the grace.

Fr. Rector thanked the staff for the team they are and for their dedication in helping youngsters in the Don Bosco Way. He also thanked the staff for their gift on management day of the sound system in the mess. Fr. Rector told the staff that we were privileged to be in this ‘vocation’ of teaching as we, like Don Bosco, have so many youngsters that we can mould and shape into beautiful diamonds. He presented each staff member with a book entitled: Don Bosco meets his boys’ as a gift so that reading this book we would all the more be encouraged to know the Salesian system of Don Bosco, The Preventive System.
The staff had delicious lunch laid out. The boarders also had a sumptuous spread for lunch with a great variety. One knew that they were indeed happy as their smiles covered miles.
Thanks one and all for making this Feast a grand success. God bless. May St. Dominic Savio be our inspiration always.

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