Wednesday, July 6, 2011


NERUL, JULY 6, 2011: In a solemn ceremony conducted on July 5 the new prefects of Don Bosco Senior Secondary School were sworn in. Rev Fr. Michael Fernandes our Provincial, Rev Fr. Ajoy Fernandes, Vice Provincial, Rev Fr. Elson Barretto, Provincial Economer and our Rector Rev Fr. Jude D’Mello graced the occasion. The programme commenced at 9.40 am with an introduction and prayer followed by the school anthem. The members of the new prefects’ council then marched towards the stage where all the guests were seated. The outgoing captains handed over their duties along with the flags to the new captains.
The guests were felicitated with bouquets. The new leaders took their oaths and promised to lead the school to even greater heights in the best possible way. They also pledged to uphold discipline and strive for excellence. The esteemed guests conferred the sashes and the badges to the new office bearers. The new office bearers then lit the lamp which symbolized the glory and high standards of the school. Rev Fr. Michael then gave an inspiring talk where he asked the leaders to be just and fair and to keep the light of the school’s honor always glowing.
Fr. Michael also narrated an interesting story about a retiring teacher who was asked to address the students on the last day.  The teacher takes four statues made of clay, iron, cotton and sugar.  She places them in four different glasses of water and requests monitors to come up on the stage.  She asks them to observe the changes in the statues placed in water.  The clay statue in the first glass slowly dissolves and makes the water muddy.  The cotton statue absorbs all the water.  The iron statue in the third glass does not show any change and over a period of time gets rusted.  The sugar statue in the fourth glass slowly dissolves.  The teacher then asks one of the monitors to taste the water.  The water had turned sweet.  The teacher then explains that leaders should be like the sugar statue spreading sweetness all around. Thus with the help of this story Fr. Michael explained that leaders should spread sweetness in other people’s life just like the way the sugar dissolves in water and makes it sweet.
The programme ended with a vote of thanks by Fr. Anthony Fonseca, our Principal.

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