Thursday, July 7, 2011


Cl. Justus Mendis sdb
DAKOR, JULY 7, 2011: July 6, 2011 was a red letter day for the campus of Don Bosco Dakor. The event had already taken its roots with the novena and the triduum services and a documentary film on the life of this saint. In this way, the boys were prepared for the feast.
The Solemnity began with a well animated Eucharistic Celebration. Accompanied by vibrant singing, there was an atmosphere of imitating St. Dominic Savio’s life. The school celebrated the feast by having a prayer service which consisted of skits and the Oath ceremony for the school captains. Fr. Alex Fernandes sdb, the Rector inaugurated this ceremony. Further, the whole school was animated by lively games in various groups. The children enjoyed and the campus was filled with their cheerfulness; for they had heard the talk given by their school Principal, Fr. Ignas Macwan that ‘Sanctity consists in Cheerfulness’. At the end, snacks were distributed to the children.
The boarding boys enjoyed a good game of housie and evening games. The boys too, during a prayer service, had a solemn oath ceremony by the new boarding captains. The Prefect and the Vice Rector of the House, Fr. Ignas Macwan sdb inaugurated the ceremony. The boarding has already gone ahead with the spirit of acquiring points. The night boys went to rest after wtching a movie.
The entire day was animated both spiritually and physically. The boys enjoyed it.  They look forward for the next feast.
May St. Dominic Savio be our model and inspiration. There is joy in the call to holiness!

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