Friday, July 8, 2011


Fr. James Nigrel sdb
SAVEDI, JULY 8, 2011: The core point in education is the education of the heart. The situation around has become more complex than ever before. People’s behavior, work environment, home environment, past experiences and above all the cyber world are the sources of pleasures for many. We come across people and our students with variety of attitudes and aptitudes.  Teachers and students are in search of role models but in vain. In all such circumstances, the teachers play an important role in changing the minds of the students for a better environment.
On July 2, 2011 a retreat was organized by Fr. James Nigrel for the teaching and non- teaching staff of St. John’s Church, Bhingar. Fr. Cyril George MSFS shared his views in this aspect with the help of a Power Point Presentation. He spoke to the teachers and the non-teaching staff of Don Bosco Vidyalaya, Savedi, Ahmednagar.
Fr. Cyril further said that some teachers are in this field by convention, some by convenience and for a few it is a commitment. It becomes a herculean task for teachers to go beyond all such strain and stresses. In order to give their best, the teachers have to be one with God, with others and with oneself.
Fr. Cyril appealed to the teachers, to change themselves to bring the change they want to see. To bring about the expected change the teachers, have to be open minded accepting new trends, new methodologies and pedagogy. A positive approach towards life is the need of the hour.  To meet all such challenges, the teacher should develop high self- esteem.
Fr. Michale Bansode highlighted the Preventive Don Bosco which proved to be effective for all these years. He then spoke on the concept of “Specialness”.
To conclude, he made the participants identify the core competency and change the playing field to suit that competency. He added by saying that; maximize the strength, minimize the weakness, explore the opportunities and prevent the threats, TEAM means Together Each Achieve More.

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