Monday, July 11, 2011


Cl. Patole Anthony

WADALA, JULY 11, 2011: Fifteen volunteers from Amsterdam, Netherlands led by Fr. Adaikalam from Chennai Province arrived on the Indian soil on July 9, 2011 at noon time. The purpose of their tour is to know the phenomenon of street children of Mumbai and to help them grow in their life. Part of their tour is also to visit Dharavi and the Outreach works of Shelter at various railway stations in Mumbai.
On Sunday, July 10, the fifteen volunteers along with Fr. Adaikalam, took charge of the boys for six hours. They began with ice-breakers and continued with party relay games, action songs, dance and volley ball in their respective groups. The present and past shelter boys took active part with lots of enthusiasm. The volunteers and the Shelter boys interacted very well.
‘Cheerfulness’ the hallmark of our Salesian spirituality was seen on the faces of the boys and the volunteers. The volunteers sponsored the snacks. Shelter boys Pankaj Das and Shahul thanked all the volunteers for their generosity in spending their valuable time with them.  The volunteers enjoyed the Sunday with full ‘Dhamaal’.

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