Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Arlene Mathiah 
BORIVLI, JULY 12, 2011: Monsoons are the best time for some masti and a lot of outdoor activities. The wet ground and the beautiful breezy weather add a lot of excitement and fun. This is exactly what the Parish Pastoral Council and the Youth Group of St. John Bosco Parish thought of when it came to organizing a Parish Zonal Tournament.
The parish throw ball and football tournament began early in the morning at 7.45am. The Parish Priest Fr. Ronnie welcomed all the participants. The most promising player of the match last year was asked to take the Sportsmanship oath followed by a short prayer. The referees for the football and the throwball matches for this year were introduced to the players. With the singing of the national anthem, the Assistant Parish priest Fr. Allwyn Misquitta officially declared the tournament open.
The rains added to the masti and hungama. With the DJ playing the best music, the rain drops wetting us all, and the cheers from the spectators,  seemed to make it just the perfect monsoon Sunday.
This tournament encouraged a healthy competition amongst the zones. It brought the parish community together, created a feeling of bonding and togetherness. It all began with the initial process of forming a team to being the player on the filed and giving in your best. And yes, if you weren’t on the field with the rest, you were out there cheering for your team players to help them pass this test. Thus this tournament was much more than just a tournament about you and me. It was certainly about “US”
The parish hopes to see many more faces in the next tournament adding much more vitality and exuberance to what already exists.

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