Wednesday, July 13, 2011


BIS Reporter
WADALA, JULY 13, 2011:The United Nations General Assembly has declared 2011 as the International Year of Forests. “Forests for People” is the main theme of the Year. It highlights the dynamic relationship between forests and the people who depend on them.

In keeping with this theme and the GO GREEN CAMPAIGN, the Management, staff and students of St. Joseph’s have decided to take up the cause of using forest resources wisely. This theme will be reflected at the school assemblies, the Sports Festival, the annual day and all the other major activities of the school during this scholastic year. 

The ball has been set rolling by XA, XB and IV A through their breathtaking and instructive assemblies - their themes being ‘The Impact of Forests’ and ‘Forest Resources’.  These classes, with the help of their class teachers, highlighted the key role of forests in our lives by showcasing stories and solutions through skits, power point presentations, poems, song and dance. They also urged the audience to contribute their bit in making this place a better place to live in.

A great way to spread awareness! Well done XA, XB and IV A!

To waste, to destroy our natural resources,
to skin and exhaust the land…….
Let us therefore
Honour the Earth, Our Mother,
Honour all with whom we share the Earth: Four – legged, two legged, winged ones, Swimmers, crawlers, plants and rock people.
Let us walk in harmony with them.

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