Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Fr. Cedrick Sankul
SAVEDI, JULY 13, 2011: On July 9, 2011 Don Bosco, Savedi held its first PTA meeting. There were more than eighty percent of the Parents present for the meeting. The meeting started with a short prayer followed by words of welcome.
Fr. Manuel Murzello addressed the gathering. In his speech, Fr. Manuel said that the school management was working as team and that they were there for their children. However, he insisted that the Parents too have to do their part in the overall development of their children. During the meeting, the management, staff and the manager of the institute were introduced.
The meeting proceeded with the Principal Fr. Cedrick Sankul giving some instructions and reminders concerning the smooth running of the school. The meeting ended with the selection of PTA members from each class and a photo session.

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