Saturday, July 16, 2011


Cl. Patole Anthony
WADALA, JULY 16, 2011:  On July 15 a Value Education workshop was organized for the staff of Shelter at 12.30pm. The resource persons for the workshop were Ms. Carina and Mr. Mark Hanson.
The Workshop began with the introduction of the staff and the Resource persons. Ms. Carina made the staff aware of the Resources available in the forms of Books and DVD’S on various subjects like, protecting animals and environment, helping the needy, teamwork, togetherness and getting along with each other were touched through video- songs. Towards the end of the session the floor was open for the staff for queries which were answered by the resource persons prudently. Emotional Bonding was the major topic of the queries. 
The staff thanked the Resource person wholeheartedly for all that they learnt from the workshop.

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