Friday, July 22, 2011


Verushka Rebello
JULY 22, 2011: The Theresian Summer Club is in its third week. The creative minds have been put to the test and the results definitely showed. We began our fun filled day with foot tapping action songs. Over three hundred and twenty five children moved to the beats following their energetic coordinators. This was followed by a skit put up by each class based on the stories from the bible. The story for this week was, ‘Unfaithful Servant’, the children showed their talents and made sure that a moral was passed on to the other children.
The class coordinators taught the children of the age group four to six years some art and craft work followed by “The art of making fruit salad’ we had tiny little chefs all excited to make the dish.
The coordinators taught the children of the age group seven to nine years, what it was to work as a team and gave them an activity where they worked as a team.
The ten to thirteen age group children were taught how to make different shapes and things out of clay. They later played Treasure Hunt, which was well organized by the coordinators.
The older children from age group fourteen to eighteen had a serious debate on the pros and cons of the popular social network ‘Facebook’. The class activities this week were definitely an eye opener.

The day with a series of action songs.

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