Wednesday, July 27, 2011


BIS Reporter
WADALA, JULY 27, 2011: Development needs change, and change is development.  To better integrate learning experiences with real world places and activities, the management continued to focus on its task of improving the infrastructure of the school.  As the new scholastic year commenced, a brightly renovated library awaited the students of the school, while the kindergarten children were given a treat to artistically decorated classrooms.

The old benches and tables of the library made way for new ones – this time around much more comfortable as well as compact. A well planned arrangement of these benches meant extra space for easy movement in the library. For their reading and reference, the students can choose from a wide range of books – from educational to sports, encyclopedias to novels, reference books to illustrated periodicals. There’s no dearth of one’s favorite books and magazines. The changes made in the library have certainly motivated the students to read more and this is noticeable in the frequent visits by the students to the library during the recess and lunch breaks.

For our Kindergarten children their classrooms have given them a reason to cheer and rejoice. They are now the proud occupants of ‘fairy-tale’ and innovative classrooms.  Breathtaking scenes have replaced the boring colors on the walls of these rooms. The beautiful and eye catching pictures and paintings of various life -sized fairytale figures and informative data provide much infotainment to our toddlers. With such impressive classrooms and kind teachers, it is no wonder that they miss their school on the weekends.

Hats off to the Management Team of St. Joseph’s High School, Wadala.

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