Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Cl. Mylin Noronha
ALIRAJPUR, AUGUST 2, 2011: An Animation program for the teachers of Don Bosco Academy, Alirajpur was held on August 1, 2011. Fr. Peter Gonsalves spent the entire morning and afternoon, animating the teachers into learning and putting into practice the Don Bosco Way of Education.
This animation session was the first of a series of animation programmes that Fr. Gonsalves is going to conduct for most of the educational institutions in the Province. To help him communicate better with the teachers of the Gujarat-MP region, he is being accompanied by Fr. Issac Arakaparambil – who has already translated Fr. Gonsalves’ text on the DB-Way into Gujarati.
Fr. Gonsalves’ animation programme was a perfect blend of well reflected and researched data with plenty of examples, both personal and from the lives of others who carry hurt memories of the repressive method of education. A good number of videos to clarify his ideas on the repressive, preventive and expressive methods of education further enhanced the understanding of Fr. Gonsalves’ reflections. According to Fr. Gonsalves, his presentation was not a detailed account of the DB-Way, but rather a background against which teachers should be encouraged to read and reflect on his book entitled – ‘The Don Bosco Method of Education’- in which he has expressed his thoughts on the subject in an elaborate manner.
The teachers appreciated the session for it laid in them the foundations of a good understanding of the DB-Way. Now it is up to the teachers to take up a thorough reading of the book and put the DB-Way into practice in their daily encounters with students, thus preventing the students from harm and encouraging them to positively express themselves.

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