Saturday, August 6, 2011


Patole Anthony
WADALA, AUGUST 6, 2011: On August 4, 2011 the Hindus celebrated Nag Panchami a day of worshipping snakes. Mr. Sanket Salvi was the key person to arrange a snake show for the boys at shelter. Mr. Rohit Mohite and Mr. Abhishek Pandey brought in a few species of snakes like the cobra, viper, Red sand boa and common sand boa. They oriented the boys with the proper knowledge about the snakes. Mr. Mohite highlighted the myth of Nag Panchami, and the tradition of offering milk to the snakes. He said that, offering milk is an old tradition of thanksgiving to snakes by farmers for safeguarding their fields from rats. He also mentioned that it is not right to offer milk as it creates a certain acid in the body, which causes death.

Mr. Pandey also cleared other myths about snakes. Mr. Mohite and Mr. Pandey asked the boys to touch the snakes to remove their fear. The boys were happy and enthusiastic as they touched and held the snakes. They got all their queries cleared regarding snakes.

We thank Mr. Salvi for organising this programme and Mr. Mohite and Mr. Pandey for creating and awareness among the boys so that they do not harm or kill snakes in the future.

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