Tuesday, August 9, 2011


AUGUST, 9, 2011:
The Theresian Summer Club is in its last month. Two more weeks left and the coordinators are making the best use of the time in hand.
The parable for the day was ‘the foolish rich man’ which was enacted by the children of class seven to nine; the kids did a marvelous job. The message of trusting God and not riches stood out very strongly. The coordinators prepared the five minute skit in just one day. Kudos to them on the job done!
Moving on to the class activities, the students of std four to six were shown the latest movie ‘The Smurfs’. The children enjoyed themselves and had a lot to say about the blue little characters in the movie.  The kids of std seven to nine wrote a letter to God.  The ten to thirteen classes put on their thinking caps and entered into the ad world, where the children were given different products and they had to come up with their own advertisement. The fourteen to eighteen age groups had an enlightening talk on ‘Seven effective habits for Teenagers’. The participants displayed keen interest by taking notes on everything that was told to them. This will definitely help in their future endeavours.
Practices for the much awaited ‘Cultural Day’, are in progress.

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