Tuesday, August 9, 2011


BIS Correspondent
: Mrs. Shalani the class teacher of std. I A handed the clay to the students for a ‘hands on’ experience in the Work Experience period in the fourth week of June. Chinmay Girkar somehow stood out from among the rest in clay modelling.  His models of horse, crocodile and a man rowing a boat with a patch of water around it impressed the teacher.  The next stop was the clay modelling competition for the Primary section.  Once again his works comprising a scene of a peacock quenching its thirst at a pond and the model of a dinosaur did not go unnoticed.  He won the competition hands down! Accolades began to pour in from all quarters.
Hailing from a background of pottery, Chinmay, at such a young age, makes clay art look so simple.  He lives up to the challenge of a budding artist.  The entire class is now preparing a clay model on the life of Don Bosco that will go on display at the exhibition on August 13, 2011 when the Relic of Don Bosco will be brought to our institution. Chinmay is spearheading this small group that is all geared up and enthusiastic to carry out the task entrusted to them – in fact they have viewed the film of Don Bosco a number of times to get the finer details of the people and surroundings in the life of Don Bosco. Chinmay himself has prepared the models of Don Bosco and Dominic Savio while the other members of the group have chipped in with the other models to depict the scene. 
In an age when ambitious parents and short-sighted educators make a fetish of high grades in studies, students like Chinmay are like a breath of fresh air in our rat race ridden society. Let’s encourage them.  They too deserve a place in our educative system!

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