Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Oscar Lobo
PUNE, AUGUST 10, 2011: The second day of the Relic’s pilgrim visit to Pune, August 9, 2011 began with a Eucharistic celebration in Marathi, at 7.00 a.m., which also concluded the all-night prayer vigil. The Salesian Sisters, the Don Bosco Chinchwad community and the Don Bosco Koregaon Park community animated the prayer services at different parts of the day for the thousands of devotees who came to venerate the Relic. The concluding Eucharistic celebration was at 5.30 p.m. and was presided over by Rt. Rev. Lourdes Daniel, Bishop of Nashik. A large number of priests from all over the city of Pune concelebrated at this Eucharist.  

During the very touching concluding ceremony, Fr. Nelson Carvalho bid a fond farewell to the Relic of Don Bosco. “And now, it’s time to say goodbye,” said Fr. Carvalho, but reminded the crowds that were present that Don Bosco would be looking down on them all from heaven. Concluding his farewell words, Fr. Carvalho said: “We thank you, O God, for Don Bosco in whom we see the wonders of your love, and through whom you continue to lead the young in the world today … We thank you, O God, for the very meaningful metaphor of your love in the Relic of Don Bosco – his right hand … the hand you used to sow a tiny seed that has now grown into a veritable forest of various charisms within the Salesian family.”

A final and significant gesture was the renewal of their vows by all members of the Salesian Family, before the Relic. This was a beautiful sign of their love and commitment to Don Bosco and to his mission. Bishop Lourdes Daniel then incensed the Relic, after which the theme song, ‘We have reason to celebrate’, was sung by the entire gathering with lighted candles in their hands. It was indeed a very moving moment, as many a devotee silently wiped away a tear. It was evident that the presence of Don Bosco through his holy Relic had really touched the hearts of all those who came to venerate him.

As we bid farewell to Don Bosco, the thought that ran through our minds was: ‘God so loved us, that he sent Don Bosco to bless us here in Pune’. Adieu Don Bosco... and thank you for coming to spend these two days with us!

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