Saturday, August 13, 2011


Cl. Bryce Rodrigues
DIVYADAAN, AUGUST 13, 2011:  On the eleventh of every month the community of Divyadaan commemorates the missionary day. This month they were blessed with the visit of one ‘young Cagliero’ – Cl. Lytton Quadros of Hungary. Originally he belonged to Mumbai Province but after his decision to become a missionary, he was sent to Salesian Province of Hungary as a missionary. He has been there since last four years.
Recently Cl. Lytton had come to visit his alma mater (Divyadaan) and as a result was requested to give a short talk on his life and experiences of missionary life in Hungary, which he readily agreed. In his presentation he briefly spoke about his life at Divyadaan where the missionary vocation was nurtured. Later on he spoke of Hungary with its past glorious history of Austo-hungarian Empire which for many of us was something new and interesting. He dwelt on various Salesian works done with both the Hungarians as well as with the gypsies, the hardships they faced in their work and the Salesian community life that supported them spiritually and emotionally. It was indeed an enriching moment for the brothers.
Cl. Lytton hoped that some of the brothers would opt for the missions to boost the small Hungarian province with its vast mission land. He promised to pray for brothers and the brothers in turn assured him of their prayers for him and for his province.

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