Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Ajoy Fernandes sdb
SPAIN, AUGUST 17, 2011: Adoration, reflection and celebration characterised the last day in the Diocese of Guadalajara.
The World Youth Day (WYD) participants celebrated the Sunday Eucharist at parishes within whose jurisdiction they resided. The Salesian contingent had a multi lingual mass with the parishioners of the Don Bosco Parish. Fr. Maria Charles delivered a homily in English. Drawing inspiration from the life and example of John Paul II –the initiator of the WYD, - Fr. Charles stressed the importance of letting go of resentment against our aggressors to change the world in Love.
Each group visited its neighbouring parishes in the afternoon where the youth organized an hour of Taize prayer.
In the early evening, WYD groups participated in two workshops each at different venues in the city. Manos Unidas representative who conducted the first workshop for the Indian and East-African contingent were delighted to know that Salesians in India had successfully completed projects they had sponsored. At a different location, youth from El Salvador made a short presentation on the national and religious climate in their country.
After dusk, there was an inter-continent cultural program at the central Concordia Park. The Youth showcased their culture through traditional songs and dances. The dandia raas of the Dubai-Indians and the dance chorale of the Botswana group were strikingly different from other presentations that had a Western flavour.
The variety of programs all in a single day, has adequately prepared the pilgrims for a more intense journey at Madrid.

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