Monday, August 22, 2011


Neelam Rodrigues
BORIVLI, AUGUST 22, 2011: It’s not that we, the staff of Don Bosco, Borivli, did not know what it was to be a good teacher, but it took Rev. Fr. Peter Gonsalves to awaken the humane side of an educator hidden in us. Don Bosco interacted with thousands of children on a daily basis and therefore came up with a unique method of dealing with them, through what Fr. Gonsalves calls “The Don Bosco Way”.

The staff of the Pre- Primary, Primary, Secondary and the N.I.O.S sections had a one-day seminar on August 20, 2011, on ‘The DB Way of Teaching’. The programme began with our Rector, Rev. Fr. Ronald Menezes, introducing the animator, Fr. Gonsalves to the gathering and highlighting the motive behind the course.

Don Bosco, when dealing with the boys at the oratory, always put prevention and expression together. Very beautifully, Fr. Gonsalves put forth certain theories that we were aware of, but needed to practice. As rightly quoted by our Rector, “It is very difficult to go through this course in a day’s time, but Fr. Gonsalves has been gracious enough to sum it all up and present it to us in a short period”. The course offered us the opportunity to be enriched by the brilliance of Don Bosco and his educational method. It provided the concepts, themes, attitudes and skills that are essential for the implementation of the ‘DB Way’.
We surely wish to affirm our faith and belief in his way and truly be the Salesian educators that our father, Don Bosco wanted us to be.

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