Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Vardhaman Shah and Moneel Bheda
WADALA, AUGUST 24, 2011: We, the leaders of St. Joseph High School, Wadala set out for the leadership camp at Don Bosco, Lonavla August 18, 2011. We were extremely ecstatic, and eagerly awaited the two days of leadership sessions that were to be conducted by Fr. Brian Moras sdb.
On reaching the spot we relaxed ourselves by playing football and volleyball. Thereafter the first session took off. We were shown a video that gave us a strong message on leadership – the importance of being the first in taking initiatives and then expecting others to follow. The proceedings continued with individual and group activities. In the second session, we were shown a movie - 'Remember the Titans'. This was based on a true story that conveyed a sense of unity and a spirit of leadership.
The third session on the following day was a very interesting one. We were shown yet another motivating video clipping of the inspirational speaker Nick Vujicic and a twelve year old who was his namesake. It wasn’t just the name that they shared; both of them had no limbs, yet they still defied that problem and lived a life beyond their limits. As leaders, we were called to stretch our limits beyond our imagination. In our next activity of the day, we recreated an auction, a unique auction. It was an auction of values of a leader. A fun way of interaction that helped us leaders to acknowledge the different qualities that is essential to become a good leader.
Another sensational team game awaited us later in the day. We were divided into teams of ten members each. Five were blindfolded and the remaining five members were to guide the blindfolded members to the cubes placed in the different parts of the hall, and get these arranged one atop the other to build a tower. The team that took the least time to form a tower of the (cubes), won. Trust, planning, organized leadership … were some of the values we learnt from this amazing team game.
It was now time for us to leave. We gained much from the input sessions during the camp, and we resolved to put this to practice. We journeyed back home, happier and wiser for the experience.

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