Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Patrick Corda
BORIVLI, AUGUST 31, 2011: On August 27, 2011 the Tribal Students of Bosco Boys Home who are currently doing their Hotel Management Course, a three months’ program, supported by MoRD (Ministry of Rural Development) and DB Tech got to know the difference between Mumbai's Vada Pav and the famous American Burger after visiting the Mc Donald's outlet in Borivli.
In spite of the heavy rain, the students managed to get to Mc Donald's as they were eager to learn something new. Mr. Ramesh Tolani the shift manager welcomed the students and showed them the way to the little corner of the store which is normally used for birthday celebrations. He explained to them about the outlet and how it functions, he also mentioned about the number of outlets all over India. Mr. Tolani, then, divided the students into groups of six and showed them the kitchen and how the people worked in different sections keeping the hygiene factors in mind. He also showed the students the way a specific dish is to be presented to the guest. Mr. Toliani briefed them about the use of a few chemicals present in the outlet.
He spoke about the opportunities that Mc Donald’s provides for students who have passed their std. XII. At the end of the explanation, Mr. Tolani asked the students to introduce themselves and to speak about their interest in the Hospitality sector.
Before the students could leave the outlet they were all treated with the famous ‘Mc Pizza’ and shouted out the slogan “Mc Donald's I am loving it". The students took a picture with Old Mc Donald who sat out on the bench. This visit was a wonderful experience for all.

Thanks to the Director of Don Bosco Technical Training Institute Fr. Anthony Santarita, who motivated and sponsored the students for this visit.

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