Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Patrick Corda
BORIVLI, AUGUST 31, 2011: From the dust of the village to the roads of the city, from a little Tea stall to the big City Mall, these were the thoughts running through the minds of the tribal students of Bosco Boys’ Home.
After a week away from home, twenty three of the ninety one tribal students who came to Bosco Boys Home to get trained in Hotel Management, a project supported by MoRD (Ministry of Rural Development) and DB Tech, were really exited as they stepped into the Raguleela Mall in Borivili.

It was for the first time in their life that they had entered into the mall. The boys were amazed with the entire set up of the mall. They all had a tough time to get on the first floor since they had never been on an escalator before! With great difficulty, they managed to get on it and made it possible’. Like Neil Armstrong was the first to place his foot on the moon, so were the tribal students who left their foot print on the escalator of the Raguleela mall. The boys were then taken to the food court which is on the third floor. As they were shown the different food stalls they were informed about the job opportunities that a person has in a city like Mumbai.
The day ended with the boys taking back a lot of knowledge and information. The overall experience was fantastic.

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