Saturday, September 3, 2011


Cl. Dinesh Vasava sdb
NARUKOT, SEPTEMBER 3, 2011: On September 2, 2011 at Khandivav, the group Panchayat comprising of Dhankiya, Masabar, Khodsal and Pipiya village and the Grampanchyat of Hirapur comprising of Vadek, Kohivava, Deepapura and Hirapur village of Jambugoda taluka met at 11 o’clock and 1 o’clock for their Gramshabha meeting at the Panchayat house.
The officers, Sarpanch Sri. Iswar Nayka, Dy Sarpanch Mr. Khoja and Talathisri Rawal welcomed twenty women and sixty two men for the Gramshabha of Khandivav. The members present from the Grampanchayat of Hirapur were Mr. Bhavshing Rathwa (Talathi), Mr. Anupsih (Sarpanch), Mr. Sapbhai (Gramsevak), Miss Neetaben A.S. and fifty seven villagers.
The following resolutions were passed in the Gramshabha:
01: Under the NREGS to make 200mt road to Dhankiya village from main road, another road from nishal falia to Masabar(300mt)and one more road from Dhankiya village to Masabar.
02: Asked for a Hand pump near the school.
The following resolutions were passed for Hirapur: Protection wall, Soil and metal Road, CC road check dam, Forest boundary made of stone and plaster and Indira Avas.

On August 31, 2011 the Shivrajpur group Panchayat comprising of seven villages of Zalaria, JuniBhat, Kesarpura, Dolimar, Ghoghdva, Kothi faliua and Sivrajpur had conducted their Gramshabha meeting at 1 pm in the primary school of Shivrajpur, Halol District in Gujarat.
The officers presiding over were Mr. Mohan Rupa (Sarpanch), SG Chapalwada (Talathi), and Dr. Joshi (Medical officer), Mrs .Punjaben (Nurse) and Committee member of the Panchayat.  There were ten women and twenty men who attended the Gramshabha meeting in spite of heavy rains. Three out of seven villages namely; Zalaria, JuniBhat and Kesarpura attended the meeting. They were well prepared and animated by Mr. Isudas Parmar from Don Bosco Development office Narukot. The new Talathi was surprised and congratulated them for their attendance.
The resolutions passed in the Gramshabha were:
01: To take up NREGS for farm bund work given in writing by Dehaliben on behalf of Ekta self help group.
02: Mr. Nansing Rathwa asked for a Hand pump for his falia.
03: Mr. Devjibhai Rathwa Proposed to supply electricity to some houses of Zalaria Village.

The uneducated people are proud of exercising their power in the Gramshabha as active citizens and have realized that there is unity being built up through the common project taken up. The staff members of Don Bosco Development office especially Mr. Papu Bhai and Ashwin Bhai were very happy to see the effects of their tireless service. The participation of the people in the Gramsabha has increased up to eighty as compared to last year.


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