Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Neelam Rodrigues
BORIVLI, SEPTEMBER 6, 2011: Eugene P. Bertin has said: “Teaching is leaving a vestige of one self in the development of another.  And surely the student is a bank where teachers can deposit their most precious treasures.” To express their love and gratitude towards their teachers, the students led by Mst. Tejas Sawant, the School Captain, under the able guidance of Rev. Fr. Ronald Menezes, Rev. Fr. George Carlos and Rev. Fr. Allwyn Misquita, celebrated Teachers’ Day with a new twist. The special day began with Mass and Prayer Service to invoke the blessings of our Heavenly Father. The Prayer Service, this time was carried out in line with the ritual of yajna (holy sacrifice) along with the main theme: ‘Teachers are special’. This was followed by the class celebration where every class organized wonderful programs for their class teachers and the other teachers accompanying them.
The icing on the cake was the grand celebration in the School Hall. The venue was named ‘Boscowood’. The ‘Hall of Fame’ right behind on the wall was spreading the glory of our real stars- our teachers. The teachers entered Boscowood with an ever-shining splendour, just like film stars, escorted by the students, with a splendid background score.  After the melodious beginning, the School Captain’s address and the felicitation by the Alumni, it was time for another unique feature of the program that is the, gifting of mementos- a symbol of love and gratitude. The mementos portrayed the striking features of every teacher’s character in apt and beautiful words. The next to follow was a song by Std. X students, dedicated to the teachers, which depicted the amazing job done by teachers. The item which followed next was a mind blowing spoof of the TV show ‘Big Boss’ titled, ‘Big Boss DB Special’ with a group of celebrities coming in and a fitting end for the spoof with the teachers being declared as the winners. Our talented dancers too burnt the dance floor with their marvellous dance moves. Don Bosco Borivli has a storehouse of poetic flair of which some budding poets came forward, penned down their thoughts in the form of poems and gave a sweet message. The dance at the end, was a little far off from the actual theme, but was fabulous spreading the message of brotherhood. The end too was as grand as the impressive beginning, with the students spreading the good word about the cohesive bond between teachers and students. This was followed by a fun session for teachers and the fellowship meal.
Truly, the day was a memorable one and was a plethora of emotions and expressions- love, appreciation, joy and gratitude.

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